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Jessy Chandra

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What are the challenges women face at workplace?


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Things are getting changed a lot, there was a time when professions like police forces, pilots, doctors were only ruled by men but now women are also leaving their marks in such fields, Avani Chaturvedi recently created history as India's first female fighter pilot.

However, there are a lot of changes that need to get done and we still face challenges in the work place. I tell you some challenges that I have been through during my professional career.

1. Not getting selected during the interview because I was recently married.

2. I was once told to brief clients during the meeting because I was a girl.

3. I was transferred to another location after I came back from a maternity leave because they

feared that having a baby might hamper my performance at work.

4. My colleagues didn't let me to a part of a group because they used to crack offensive jokes which might sometimes have sexual association.

5. Taking a period leave raised many eyebrows in office and one of my seniors passed the comment that we should think twice before hiring a female employee.   



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