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What are the different types of Memory?


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Every individual is not the same, all equally are not able to learn, retain and recognize. So many psychologists have determined various forms or types of memory by studying numerous individuals:
1) Immediate memory – By immediate memory it means learning a fact or information and repeat it soon after.
2) Long Term memory – When a fact or experience is retained for a long period of time.
3) Rote memory – By rote memory it means the ability to learn a fact without having understood it and present it verbatim when needed. Small children learn many rhymes by rote memory without having understood their meaning.
4) Logical memory – It means memory learnt by having understood and reasoned it and present it when needed.
5) Active memory – Means to relearn experiences voluntarily. Students write their answer book in the exams hall on the basis of their active memory.
6) Passive memory – When past experiences are recalled without any active effort, it is called passive memory. This type of memory is not purposeful for ex. on naming the elephant people recall dark color and massive size.