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Vikas joshi

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What are the disadvantages of Oily skin? How can we avoid it?


Student (Delhi University) | Posted on

Oily skin is a common problem for both men and women. Skin in human beings is of four types:

• Normal skin
• Oily skin
• Mixed Skin
• Dry skin

The skin gets oily when our muscles produce more oil than needed. Oily skin has certain disadvantages, like:

• You need to care more for oily skin than for the normal skin. And if you are careless, you would have to face certain consequences.
• Some of the common problems with the people having oily skin are pimple, Sticky skin, Woof, Open cadence.
• Oily skin attracts dust very easily which affects your looks.

What can we do:

• People having oily skin should wash their face at least 4-5 times in a day. This will make them get rid of excessive oil, as well as dust.
• To reduce the secretion of oil, apply sandalwood face pack on your face.
• Wash your face with buttermilk.
• You can also apply Fullers Earth or Multaani Mitti, mixed with rose water on your face to get rid of oily skin.
• One way of getting an oil free face is to apply the mixture of fullers earth, mint leaves, honey, and curd.



Blogger | Posted on

Weaknesses of Oily Skin

Obstructs pores: The greatest weakness of sleek skin is that it can stop up pores which frequently brings about skin break out. Makes your face look gleaming: Some state that oil gives skin an excellent normal sparkle yet it regularly goes past the "shine" and is only straight up glossy and oily.