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Medha Kapoor

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What are the easiest way to save money for an Indian house wife?


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Every human being aspire to save some money for the future, for the trip, for emergency or for festival shopping. But it is not easy to save money in these days as the money needed to run even a small family is not less than a super hero's job.

But if the queen of the house follow some techniques and tricks to drain out some money from the monthly expenses, they can have some cash for saving.

• Nothing can be achieved without any goal. So set up a goal like to save for a valuable gift to your lovely husband or for your cute little children. If you set a target according to your left over money after paying the monthly bills, you can easily save some amount.

• Always pay with cash. It has been proven that people spend 12-18% less when they pay their bills with cash than digital money.

• Buy nonperishable groceries in bulk. You must have seen that our mothers and grandmas used to buy Wheat, pulses, lentils, and masalas like whole chilli, haldi, Cumin seeds, Tamarind, coriander seeds in summer months when the new crops are available in the market. It is both cheaper and better compared to the powdered branded masalas.

• Reduce the frequency of visiting the shopping malls. It is human nature to buy unnecessary items if it is available to us.

• Buy vegetables in a local wholesale market or wherever it is available at cheaper rate. Always buy seasonal vegetables and fruits as it will be cheaper than the off season ones and it will be good for the health.

• Prepare your menu in accordance with the ingredients you have at home. Don't go out to buy needless ingredient. Think and chose another menu without that item.

• When buying toiletries or cleaners buy the best one than cheaper one. The cheaper ones will not serve the purpose and you may have to use more than the required quantity.

• Make it a habit to switch off fans and lights before leaving any room including kitchen. Electricity bill is number one in our monthly bill items.

These are some of the ways by which an Indian house wife can reduce the house expenses and save money.