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G Sai Naga Susmitha

Content Writer | Posted 23 Aug, 2020 |

What are the effects of social media?

eweb guru

Blogger | Posted 18 Sep, 2020

Online media can get a great deal of negative consideration. There are various examinations that take a gander at the connection between online media and emotional well-being and whether it has a negative effect, and there are worries that web-based media can prompt negative sentiments like wretchedness or uneasiness, getting a handle on more forlorn or left, losing rest, or having negative encounters like cyberbullying.

Tragically, we presently don't have great quality exploration to know for certain how online media use can affect individuals, and parcels more examination should be done here before we can say for certain the amount of a negative effect it is having on psychological well-being and prosperity.

ariaakachi blogger

Profession and blogger by hobby | Posted 01 Sep, 2020

Since it's a moderately new innovation, there's little exploration to build up the drawn out results, fortunate or unfortunate, of online media use. Notwithstanding, different investigations have discovered a solid connection between substantial web-based media and an expanded hazard for melancholy, nervousness, dejection, self-hurt, and even self-destructive considerations.

Sanghadeb Deb

Student | Posted 31 Aug, 2020

Social media has both pros and cons. Social media helps you to connect through numerous people across the world. In today's world social media plays an important role especially in business. Cons of social media is that it facilitates laziness, decrease face to face communication skills etc.


Posted 31 Aug, 2020

Social Media can we take for two purposes

First - Most of the people in India take as a tympas like facebook , instagram and many more 

Second - We can use for these social media platform for business purposes like social media marketing.... facebook, linkedin , twitter, instagram and many more.