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What are the life lessons you learned from Baahubali 2: The conclusion?


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Baahubali 2 was, without a doubt, one of the most well-produced movies I have ever seen in my life. The acting, the capturing, everything is really done in the most astonishing way possible. But apart from the fact that it came out to be visibly perfect, there are also some hidden lessons behind the movie, which I personally found to be amazingly inspiring!


Women rights to choose her husband – Devsena stood boldly while choosing her husband and refused the proposal of Sivagami.

Lesson: A girl’s opinion should be considered by her parents before choosing a husband for her!


Ego destroys relationships - It was the ego of Sivagami towards Devasena that ruined her immense love towards Bahubali, and it became the reason for the destruction of Mahishmati.

Lesson: A heart filled with ego always leads to destruction


Nothing is greater than Dharma – Bahubali preferred to choose Dharma between her wife and mother.

Lesson: Dharma is more important than any relationships.


Always stand on your promise – Bahubali promised Devsena to protect her in every situation of life and exactly does so.

Lesson: Always keep your promises, no matter what. And this becomes even more necessary when it is a promise to protect. It doesn’t matter if your life is at stake, but a promise will remain a promise.


Money is not everything – Sometimes we prioritize money and end up getting the worst. If Devsena would have chosen the wealth and gifts from Sivagami, she would have ended up with Bhallaldev.

Lesson: We should always give priority to our happiness rather than Money.


Never hesitate to apologize for your mistakes – The moment Sivagami realized her mistakes; she apologized to Devsena by touching her feet and also tried till her last breath to fix the mistake.

Lesson: It’s never too late to accept your mistakes and correct them. Don’t hesitate to accept your mistake. And you have to fix your own mistakes.


Go for respect and not for position – Bahubali chose to live with the common people rather than ruling the kingdom.

Lesson: A person gets respect on the basis of his nature, work and character, not on the basis of his position. So, we must always try to get respect in the eyes of others.

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