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Srijana Pandey

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What are the main factor that helps you to lead success in the business?


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There are many factors really! If it was just one, the millions of entrepreneurs around the world, leaving everything behind, would be chasing that thing.

To be successful in the business, a lot of different dynamics come into play. There are no hard rules for it. For instance, you will find many business owners who couldn’t be more contrasting to each other – and yet they are massively successful.

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This is perhaps why when you’ll ask this question “what helps you lead success in the business” to 100 people, you will find 100 different answers.

If you’re a business owner, you can only take their answers as basic advice and inspiration – and then craft (and execute) your own unique answer. After all, your needs, requirements, and goals are unique. Others may think being technically sufficient is important for a business owner; you might, on the other hand, believe that it is the compassion that drives a business.

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So, again, to your question…

“What is the main factor that helps you lead success in the business?”

The answer is very subjective. Per your needs, it could be anything.

However, that said, it goes without saying that there are some fundamental elements here that one needs to be successful in the business.

For instance, you can’t be arrogant, inefficient, and bad team player – and still hope to build an empire.

There are some traits that are almost essential – traits that you must have at the very core to build the structure of your business.

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For the starters, you must be a team player. You must know how to play well with other individuals. Good interpersonal skills would enable you to build a solid team – and keep that team motivated and productive. Team, as we know, is the cornerstone of any business. Your company would only be as good as the team working behind the curtain. And the only way you can build (and keep) a bright team is when you’re a team player and has good interpersonal skills.

Now note: Being a team player and people’s person doesn’t mean you have to be extrovert. You can be introvert and still have these characteristics. The key is to have empathy for people working with/for you. Be nice to them, provide them with good reasons to work hard, pay them adequately, encourage them, keep them happy. These don’t require you to be an extrovert, do they?

Next, when building a business, your own passion is very important. Are you passionate about the business you’re in? Do you believe in your products? Do you love it?

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Being an entrepreneur is cool now. But the reason why 90 percent of startups will inevitably fail is that the person running that business isn’t passionate enough. They don’t have that burning desire to build and grow a business. This is very important. Because if you’re not passionate about your business, you would find it difficult to handle the emotional distress that comes on this journey; your appetite for hard work wouldn’t come naturally; you would eventually get bored; you would lack patience and perseverance; you would lack the technical efficiency; you would lack the skill to build and manage a passionate team. And your business will inevitably fail.

Aside from these, to be successful in the business, of course, you need to have a good product, growth plan, and solid customer base. But these are strategic and business requirements, which goes without saying.

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So, if you’re a business owner, understand that it’s not an easy walk to success. You need a lot of fundamental elements, which will help you navigate yourself, your team and your business in the right direction as your business grows.

Hope this answer helps!


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