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Pankaj Singh

@letsuser | Posted on | Education

What are the main purposes of education?


Educator/ Work from home Search Engine Evaluator. | Posted on

“Mata pita guru prabhu charanon mein pranavat barambar !”

In our Indian culture, Guru comes even before God. Because teacher teaches us the way to understand all the worldly matters including god. 

Education is not learning the essence of life or learning a way of life. Education is life itself. And the academic education alone will not teach us the lesson of life. Our struggle and how we manage to be successful in all the situation in our life will give us an unforgettable lesson.


For centuries, the discussion is on for the purpose of education. During Vedic periods the purpose of education was to learn about gods and the purpose of their birth. After that, the emphasis of education was on literature. Those who had written so many literary works were considered as educated.

As the centuries passed, and as humans started to give importance to science and astrology, the scientists and astrologers were considered as intelligent people.

In this century, those who have computer knowledge are regarded as smart and educated.

But in actual terms, education is not about by-hearting either dates of historical events or memorizing scientific formulae. And the purpose of education is not limited to getting a degree and acquiring a job or to be a doctor, engineer or manager. The purpose of education should be:-

1. To share whatever knowledge we have attained and wisdom we have acquired with others.

2. To uplift the under privileged children, those who don't have access to formal education.

3. To raise our voice against anything which is morally incorrect.

4. To behave like a well-educated person in public.

5. To listen to our conscious when taking stand on important issues.

6. To be a role model to our friends and family.

7. Last but not the least, education should take us to next level of society where we will treat each and every human being as equal regardless of their religion, race or caste.


Our academic education is only a ladder to achieve a commanding position in our social life. But our moral and ethical education will give us a purpose for our life.

As our country needs our support in all the ways of life by becoming a participant and helping Bharat to be a developed country.


SEO Expert | Posted on

I think the main purpose of education is that we make a peaceful world


Teacher | Posted on

Education is one of the most essential things for human life. It helps to acquire knowledge and skills. It is also helpful for good characteristics developments in a child, like - efficiency, good temper, cooperation, integrity, and discipline. Education makes a person dependent, it gives confidence, success and decision-making skills. So, as a conclusion education is a must needed thing for everyone.


Content writer | Posted on

The main purpose of education is to spread awareness and knowledge amongst students all over the world. Education gives them the sense to know what is right and wrong and enlighten students with the history to the current situation of the world. I

t allows us to understand things and helps us in taking decisions at every aspect of life. The means of education could be anything be it a regular mode of education or distance & online education. The main purpose is to spread knowledge amongst the students and people all around the world. It encourages one to set a goal in life and achieve their dream with education.


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