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What are the methods of Memorization?


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We all know that learning is a part of memory, but there is a difference in the methods of these two. There are some chief methods of memorization:
1) Whole Method – When a child memorizes the whole content together, then this method of memorization is termed as whole memorization. This method is effective for the talented students.
2) Part Method – when a child learns a content by dividing it into several parts, so this is called part method. This can be a suitable method for the dull students.
3) Mixed Method – When the child applies both the methods the whole and the part in memorizing, it’s called mixed method. Its concluded that this method is more suitable for memorizing large contents.
4) Spaced Method – When a child takes rest in between his memorization of content, then it is called the spaced method. This method is good for a permanent memory. This method causes less fatigue and gives an opportunity to learn with entire capability.
5) Active Method – In this method the content is learned by speaking. This method is suitable for the students of primary school/level. Memorization by way of speaking also improves pronunciation.
6) Passive Method – In this method, a child repeats the content in his mind without speaking. This method is suitable for the students of higher classes and adults.
These are the some common and applied methods which are used by the different groups. If leaning is done with these methods with proper procedure then it will take less time and energy of an individual to accomplish any sort of tasks.