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What are the most beautiful places in the world?


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Dubai is one of the best Destinations to visit.

Top 10 places to visit in Dubai at night that You Shouldn’t Miss

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai Creek

The Dubai Mall

Evening Desert Safari with Dinner

The Dubai Fountains

Burj Khalifa: Places to visit in Dubai

Jumeirah Public Beach

Dubai Museum & Al Fahidi Fort

Dubai’s Public Parks

Romantic Restaurants

Similarly, there is Zaroob that is known for Lebanese cuisine, Dine in the dark, that is a fancy restaurant and makes its guests eat in darkness, and La Farine, a French restaurant in JW Marriott Marquis and one of the best places to visit in Dubai at night.

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The world is enriched with many beautiful things. Every place has a unique beauty and story. So it’s really hard to select the most beautiful places in the world. But here, I have listed out some most beautiful places in the world.
  • Maroon Bells, USA
  • Grand Canyon, USA
  • Oia, Santorini, Greece
  • Plitvice Lakes, Croatia
  • Amalfi Coast, Italy
  • Great Barrier Reef, Australia
  • Morai `ne Lake, Canada
  • Niagara Falls
  • Maldives
  • Yellowstone National Park, USA
  • Apenzell, Switzerland
  • Blue Lagoon, Iceland
  • Bora Bora, French Polynesia, etc.
If you are planning your vacation, I would like to suggest the Maldives. Because most vacations and visitors visit on the Maldives. In my experience, The Maldives are known for their natural environment including the blue ocean, white beaches, and clean air. The climate of the Maldives is ideal for visitors to get engaged in water sports such as swimming, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, water-skiing. windsurfing and kiteboarding. The natural environment of the Maldives attracts tourists all over the world and every year.


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The world is very big and it has many different places that are very good and awesome. These are the list of famous places in the world.

Cape town



Golden Gate Bridge - USA

Pangong Lake, Ladakh - India

Havelock Island, Andamans - India


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Jammu & Kashmir.Letsdiskuss


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Jammu and Kashmir is the most beautiful place in the world.


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India, Dubai and Italy are the most beautiful places in the world.