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What are the most common ways people -ruin- their food?


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Authentic food should be eaten as and like the people of that food came from. Idly should be like Idly only and not like Dhokla. But the recent craze among youngsters in India is converting every cuisine according to their taste.

If you are new to fusion food, it will be very shocking for you to know the name of some of the famous fast food items which I am going to list. Idly Manchurian, Schezwan Dosa, Chocolate dosa, tandoori Momos, Fried Ice cream, Noddles samosa etc. These are the ways restaurants are ruining the food.

Even at home people do crazy things to ruin the food. For eg. My friend’s daughter will eat anything with tomato ketchup. She will put ketchup over upma, idly even on biryani also.

Some people will put sugar or jaggery in sambar and dal. Too much of garlic will also ruin any food.

Most people don’t know which vegetable to fry and which one to boil.

Even boiling for longer time will take away the look and taste of the food.

Putting too much dry fruits in every side dish will also ruin the taste of the original recipe.

By mistake or by intention, too much salt will definitely ruin one’s food.

Cooking is a beautiful art. Have passion and interest in it and make your lovable ones happy with your cooking. 

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Salt and pepper ought not be table fixings except if you have an ailment that requires additional salt. Salt and pepper ought to be utilized by the cook to appropriately get ready nourishment! A great many people ruin nourishment by over salting it after it's done, some by including pepper. In the event that the cook isn't doing it right, fix the cook! General guideline, on the off chance that you can taste the salt, you are trying too hard — with the exception of possibly on french fries :- )

Also, ketchup is a topping, not a vegetable (sorry Reagan). A little option can add to the kind of certain nourishments, be that as it may, other than seared calves liver, I can see no motivation to suffocate sustenance in ketchup.

Third, and this one is the cook's issue — overcooking. Indeed, even pureed potatoes don't should be cooked to the point of deterioration. Numerous meats become intense, dry, and stringy when overcooked, and the manner in which we regularly treat vegetables is a wrongdoing. For instance my preferred method to eat green beans is whitened, frosted down to stop the cooking, at that point just before serving brisk seared in a little olive oil and salt and pepper when they leave the skillet. Toss in some cut almonds and you are great. Seeing them put in bubbling water until they self-destruct is unappetizing most definitely.

Half-cooking is another issue and can be a hazardous one, particularly with specific meats. Each cook should possess a respectable thermometer and should utilize it especially for chicken, pork, duck, and sheep. Hamburger, less, except if you are going for a specific done-ness.

The other issue with nourishment is legitimate sustenance stockpiling. Meat ought to be kept chilled and just for a couple of days. Fish ought to be utilized inside multi day of acquiring it. Vegetables and organic products can just endure so long in a fridge canister, and some ought to never be refrigerated. At the point when the capacity proposal is a cool, dry spot, it truly works! I lean toward a bigger number of outings to the basic food item than discarding something I kept excessively long.

A progressively inconspicuous issue is right substitutions. In the event that you are feeling the loss of a fixing, numerous cookbooks and sites offer you guidance on what can be utilized as a substitute. There is an alternate between AP flour and cake flour and it makes a distinction in many prepared dishes. Because dried flavors look a like doesn't mean they can be substituted for one another! There are additionally a few blends that are unpalatable. Attempt dill in a red (sauce to a few) rather than oregano and the outcomes will be a hit with your trash transfer, however dill in a potato serving of mixed greens or a chicken covering in astounding.

Not dealing with your cookware. An appropriately prepared skillet, particularly a cast iron or carbon steel container is basic to cooking today, however cooking for a considerable length of time. Indeed, even non-stick cookware requires some consideration and cleaning to keep it non-stick.

One final thing for the cook, sharp cuts! It probably won't demolish sustenance, yet more mishaps occur because of dull blades slipping than I understood until a discussion with a couple who work in an ER. Furthermore a dull blade can demolish the appearance of numerous sustenances. Ever attempt and cut bread or tomatoes with a dull blade?


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