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What are the most commonly used slangs that everyone must know?


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In case you are not updated enough to hold an interesting and informal convo to initiate friendships and add a little spice to your vocab, here are some slangs which everyone must know.

1. Wicked
The literal meaning of the term is “evil”, in English, however, it is being widely used for meanings such as “awesome” or “brilliant”.  

2. Props
This means recognition, acknowledgment, or respect.
For example, “Let’s give her props for participating even if she didn’t win.”

3. Kudos
It is also used for respect or recognition, but this one is always used at the beginning of the sentence.
For example, “Kudos for the great performance!”  

4. Dig
It means to really like something.
Example: “I dig your new hairstyle!”

5. Bob’s Your Uncle
It can be used whenever you want to say “that’s it”.
For example, “For making cold coffee just add some coffee and ice to the milk, shake it, and Bob’s your uncle!”

6. Ace
You got to know this one. It means to do some work with perfection.
For example, “I aced the exam.”

7. Diss
It means disrespecting someone.
For example, “Stop dissing her”.

8. Budge up
It means to ask someone to move and make space.

9. Bottom Line
This means “the main point”.

10. Blimey
It is just used as an expression of surprise.
For example, “Blimey! Such a huge building!”


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