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What are the mysteries of India that science cannot explain?


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There are loads of riddles India has that science can't clarify. we will see few of them
Dear Quora perusers this is minimal longer post as it has inside and out data . I have shared my insight and reference from different sites.
every last one of them is one of a kind and these are glad landmarks of India. welcome to the secrets of India.
I have given 4 best puzzles they are:
1. The Konark Sun Temple, odissa
2. Brihadeeswara Temple, Tanjore, Tamilnadu,
3.Kailasa Temple Engineering Marvel Of India's Master Builders
4. Sanctuaries of Mahabalipuram – Chennai , Tamilnadu
Expectation you will peruse till the conclusion to enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!! welcome and offer your remark.
1. The Konark Sun Temple, odissa
The build is additionally concealing much numerical magic associated with time. The sun characterizes time by its entry over the sky. The carriage has 24 wheels for the lunar stages as indicated by Indian custom. Furthermore, the wheels all things considered are wonders. They have 8 spokes, symbolizing the 8 times of multi day as was customary in old India.
The sanctuary is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and has likewise included on different rundown of Seven Wonders of India. The sanctuary is 35 km from Puri and 65 km from Bhubaneswar.
It took 16 years to assembled the sun sanctuary and it was made of dark stone and dark pagoda.
The sanctuary has earned the pride of being one of the World Heritage Sites on the planet. This is because of the remarkable compositional style of the sanctuary, which is totally made out of stone and contains fine stone carvings.
The whole structure, looking like an enormous chariot with 12 sets of wheels, luxuriously etched with representative themes and pulled by seven ponies, was so intended to let the first beams of the sun fall on the fundamental passage, state specialists.
The principle fascination of the sanctuary is its twelve sets of wheels situated at the base of the sanctuary. These wheels are not customary wheels but rather read a clock too – the spokes of the wheels make a sundial.