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Sameer Kumar

Software engineer at HCL technologies | Updated 27 Jul, 2018 |

What are the new features added in Apple's operating system iOS 12?

Vasanthi Gopalan

I am a Graduate of 1980s... | Posted 11 Jun, 2018

As the dates of the release of  iOS 12 is revealed in the WWDC 2018, iPhone fans couldn't control their excitement and anxiety to experience the new  software with latest iPhone.  They have to wait 2 months for that as it is announced in WWDC 2018 that new iOS 12 will be available from June 4th for paid Apple developers, June 26th for public beta, and probably September 2018 for the new iPhone with iOS 12 software.

•    With iOS 12 operating system Apple doubling down on the performance to make iPhones and iPods faster and more responsive. iOS 12 has been designed to run on all devices which have iOS 11.

•    The trending feature in iOS 12 is customizable Animoji called Memoji . You can personalize these emojis to looks like you. Memoji Animoji can be used in both messages and chats with the help of the new effects camera.

•    Siri is a whole lot smarter in iOS 12. With shortcut feature you can build huge range of automation and make Siri to respond with that.

•    App Limits is part of screen time lets you set a time limit to remind you to spend less time on it. Parental controls let parents see how much their children spend on each app and provide the parents to control their children on using unnecessary apps.

•    Do not Disturb features allows the user of iOS 12 to turn off notification at night or if they are in an important meeting. DND feature is available with time specifications.

•    As part of iOS 12,  Apple is launching Augmented Reality kit2. Apple demonstrated the clever measurement tools in WWDC 2018  . You can view a real world objects using your iPhone camera and can measure its width and length by tapping in 2 points . Wonderful isn't it?

Apart from these features there are so many others,  which can compel you to buy the next iPhone with iOS 12.