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What are the new features in 2018 Hyundai Santro?


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According to the sources, the all new Hyundai Santro will be launched by the end of this year and have a lot of new features. The new car will be the second-generation Santro and could be seen in a totally new look.

1. First Hyundai to get AMT

The all new Santro will be the first-ever Hyundai model to have an AMT (Automated Manual Transmission). The next-gen Santro will get a 5-speed AMT.

2. New Engine

Sources say that the next-gen Santro will have the new updated engine of the 1.1-litre iRDE motor that powered the first-gen i10 and the earlier Santro.

3. Dashboard with mounted touchscreen

Images that have been surfaced online reveal that the new-gen Santro will offer a dashboard-mounted touchscreen infotainment unit. However, it’s not known if the touch unit would offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

4. Bigger than i10

Sources revealed that the new Santro will be a full 10 mm taller than the old i10. It will be 10-15 mm wider, too. The cabin will have sufficient space to accommodate five adults.

5. Tallboy look

The first-gen Hyundai Santro became the first tallboy hatchback for India. Sources say , the next-gen Santro will also be seen follow the footsteps of its predecessors.