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Mercy Raj

Digital Marketer | Posted 23 May, 2019 |

what are the new mehndi tips


Posted 28 May, 2019

Mehndi, otherwise called henna, has been a well established custom in numerous Asian and Persian nations. Ladies use henna to shape mind boggling plans to adorn their hands and feet to stamp unique events or to just look popular.
As a lady of the hour almost 6 years back, my stress was "Will I get a dull henna recolor"? Numerous young ladies are certain to identify with this. Add to it the old spouses' story that goes – "the darker your mehndi, the more your better half will love you". Each young lady's fantasy without a doubt. While this might be an old stories that has no importance as a general rule, we as a whole beyond any doubt need the mehndi on our palms and feet to look its magnificent best on our uncommon day. Also, why not? It is an ideal event for most ladies and they reserve each option to look dazzling and take the show.

Best mehndi tips are 

- always use chemical free mehndi 

- before apply in whole hand, must try in tiny area of hand 

- always use only oraganic mehndi