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Devika Vishnu

SEO Analyst | Posted 29 Apr, 2019 |

What are the new trends in home automation ?

Gaurav Ambe

Search Engine Optimization Expert | |Updated 21 May, 2019

Technology in this era is not provided with any alternative such as looking back. It just strives ahead and hard. So, is the case with home automation. The smart home systems have experienced versatile innovations transforming almost every corner of the house into into a living, breathing entity. 

Be it your house, office or industry, starting from your parking area followed by garden area to different rooms of your house and even kitchen. Tracing the security systems to water supply in the gardens proceeding to the illumination systems and other electronic gadgets like television, A.C and curtains of the living rooms to automating the machines regularly used by you like mixer grinders, toasters or dishwashers thereby easing your routine household chores. Home automation systems are not just limited to your residing places but has spread its hold even to your workplace. Now you can keep an eye on your staff, their working and their checkouts even from other locations.

 The systems can be controlled through mobile applications, voice commands and even motion and temperature sensing. Hence giving you total control of different areas of your house.

FODUU home automation system provide you with this amazing experience that will leave you flabbergasted at exceptionally affordable prices. We infuse life in your homes so that you experience the joy of living. 


Posted 04 May, 2019

Home automation innovation moves at a quick clasp, and it's hinting at no backing off.

What's driving this fast change? Proceeded with advances in reasonable silicon, cloud-based programming applications and man-made brainpower are permitting new and old sellers of home answers for add insight to practically any capacity in your home.