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Posted 25 Feb, 2019 |

What are the qualities of a Successful Teacher?

Devang Verma

student | Posted 25 Feb, 2019

    Once, a great philosopher said, “Teaching is not everyone’s cup of tea”. One should possess a sterling character and certain physical, intellectual, social and emotional qualities which are pre-requisite for the success in teaching.

  Qualities for a successful Teacher

1) Teacher’s Character – A teacher maybe viewed as having achieved everything, when he becomes perfect in character. If teacher becomes an enlightenment of right conduct in thought, word and deed, the students by their association will learn virtue and develop manly qualities.
2) Teacher’s mental health – We speak of education as a lamp lightening another lamp. Signifies that a good teacher must have good mental health. The teacher makes the emotional milieu in the classroom. If he has a good mental health, he can spread and create love, interest and enthusiasm for learning.
3) Teacher’s social adjustment – Sociability is another important quality of a teacher. He should have a sound social paradigm and he should make his best contribution to the society. Normal social life outside the school circle will go a long way to give him happy social adjustment.