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varma R

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what are the reasons behind south Indian film industry growth from past 4 years?


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All things considered, South India delivers an a lot bigger number of Hindu Mythological motion pictures, however its no more in pattern as of late.
In any case, on the off chance that we take a timespan from 1930s-1980s, there were such huge numbers of fanciful films in all the 4 dialects when contrasted legitimately with Hindi motion picture industry.
I trust, it not out of any social reasons all things considered, fairly a greater amount of monetary reasons.
Hindi film since the 1970s cooks principally to its urban market (downtown areas) where it yields more. The provincial market, despite the fact that is gigantic, the yield in that capacity is lower and wide arrival of motion pictures in country markets was damn costly in days of yore because of the expense of making physical prints and coordinations. What's more, all things being equal, the per capita income is still lower when contrasted with the urban group.
For the urban group, legendary films aren't something of high need or intrigue. Particularly the run of the mill arrangement of legendary motion pictures was to grandstand a notable fantasy and after that add different human stories to affirm the conviction. A legend/purna can grab the eye of watcher one time, yet relatively multiple times as the story is outstanding. Furthermore, the urban market was increasingly taught, more optimistic and more assortment chasing. This lead to less number of fanciful films in Bollywood.
The rustic market of Bollywood certainly cherishes legendary motion pictures. Be that as it may, without a higher yield, there was no reason for providing food with them with higher spending films. Anyway during the 80s, there were little spending motion pictures in Hindi with restricted generation esteems/consumption to cook the low yielding country mass. The clique of Santhoshi Maa itself owes a great deal to Bollywood which made the idea considerably more mainstream thusly a divinity or idea wasn't something initially identified with Hindu pantheon, somewhat all the more a Bollywood creation.