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Manish Lamrod

@letsuser | Posted on | Science-Technology

What are the recent trends in science and technology?


Software engineer at HCL technologies | Posted on

Here are some current trends that are being talked about everywhere within Science community: 


1. World's first bioelectronic medicine




It's the claim made by the scientists from the US, that they have been successful in creating world's first bioelectronic medicine "which is implantable, biodegradable wireless device that speeds nerve regeneration and improves healing of damaged nerve."


2. Nanotech




A major Nanotech accident is expected by around 2025. From toothpastes to car tyres to clothing, every manufactured product is going to experience the effects of nanotechnology. 


3. The Age of Ultron? 




Yea, we can say that. AI is expected to take over human intelligence sooner than we expect. Machine becoming more intelligent than humans would make them uncontrollable and maybe some the Marvel sci-fi comes to existence till 2025.


4. Microscopic and Macroscopic




These days, the popular researches that scientists around the world are indulged into are either too big or too small. The far-flung reaches of space and the exploration of the human life at a microscopic level and beyond seems to be scientists' favorite.


5. Identity Crisis




Cue biometrics, verbal signatures, body scanning and even ‘signatures’ based on body smell are under their way as the world becomes more digital and global. In the coming years, we may have to undergo identity verification steps beyond just passport size photographs and signature. 


B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication) | Posted on

The trends in science and technology that are going to take their toll in 2019 are very crucial, as they are going to play an important role in generating or destroying jobs in various sectors.

One such trend is that of Robotic Process Automation or RPA. This means that most of the business processes are going to get automated to eliminate human intervention. According to the reports, the tasks and functions that will get automated are not just that of low paid workers. In fact, many high profile employment opportunities stand at the risk of getting destroyed due to this new trend in science and technology.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Appian)

According to Forrester Research, the jobs of around 230 million people are going to get threatened due to RPA. This makes 9 percent of the total working population. (Source: simplilearn.com)

But just like every technology has its own pros and cons, Robotic Process Automation also does. So RPA will also generate jobs for the workforce.

The career opportunities that RPA is going to create for IT professionals include solution architect, consultant, developer, project manager, and business analyst.

So according to the reports, RPA will automate only 5 percent of jobs completely and 60 percent of them completely. In turn, they will be creating many highly paid employments whose average worth will be $73,861. (Source: simplilearn.com)


Student | Posted on

From Cortana to autonomous vehicles, the rapid progress of AI development is showing no signs of slowing down. Artificial intelligence can encompass nearly anything, from search engine algorithms to robotics. Here's a more detailed definition of AI: Artificial intelligence (AI) is an interdisciplinary branch of computer science that builds smart machines. These machines are capable of performing complex tasks, even ones that require human intelligence. AI uses a variety of approaches, such as deep learning and machine learning, to make jobs more natural to do. The vast improvement of these two capabilities has caused a paradigm shift in all sectors of the technology industry. There are two types of artificial intelligence: narrow AI (weak AI), and general AI (AGI or strong AI).

Here are some of the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence holds both great promise and many benefits.

1. For the Economy, Business, and Industries.

Artificial intelligence can benefit the economy by helping the evolution of work. Robots and AI will help people perform their tasks better, not take their jobs. The combination of man and machine will be unstoppable.

With deep learning and machine learning, AI can become smarter over time, thus increasing a business' efficiency. AI will also significantly reduce the probability of human error and study historical data to cut costs.

Facial recognition, pattern identification, and digital content analysis will be huge. Academic research, health sciences, and tech companies will enjoy enhanced capabilities.

2. For Humanity and Society

AI enhances information throughput and efficiency, helping people create new opportunities. We're talking about new streams for revenue generation, savings, and jobs.

Artificial intelligence enhances users' lifestyle choices by using search algorithms that provide targeted information. AI will handle all mundane tasks, such as data entry and answering emails. AI-powered smart homes can cut down on energy use and provide better security.

Throughout the history of humanity, the improvement of technology has resulted in the elevation of the human condition. Think of electricity in homes and the automobile. AI has the potential to eclipse these because machines will be able to help people solve more significant, more complicated social problems. Innovation will reign, and quality of life will get better.

Artificial intelligence can significantly expand human creativity and ingenuity by handling tedious tasks. People will have more time to learn, experiment and explore.


| Posted on

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blogger | Posted on

The technology is getting advanced 5 times than us. So the science, that's why there are many recent trends at this point in science and technology.

The most trending technology these days is HUMROBO technology. In this, scientists are trying to make a robot who will have the emotions and expressions of human. 


| Posted on

Recent trends in technology includes Artificial intelligence, DevOps, FineTech, Machine learning, Cloud computing etc.

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