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Manish Lamrod

@letsuser | Posted 09 Oct, 2018 |

What are the recent trends in science and technology?

Catherine Park

Digital marketing strategist | Posted 13 Nov, 2019

Change is the main steady. This applies in your daily life too. Up-scaling yourself is a need these days, the explanation is entirely straightforward, technology is advancing rapidly.

In my view these are the major points where you can see major changes in technology withing upcoming years.

1. Artificial Intelligence

2. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

3. Cloud Computing

4. Angular and React

5. Internet of Things (IoT) 

6. Intelligent Apps (I – Apps)

7. RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

Lily Hathaway

editor | Posted 25 Oct, 2019

5G is definetly one of the new trends that drives the developmemts of science and technology. It brings a decade of opportunity to the IC industry which allows a boost developement of smart phones as well as mobile communication.  

Historically, each round of the electronics industry innovation cycle is mainly driven by the intergenerational upgrade of communications, which lasted 5-8 years. We believe that 2017-18 is a stable maturity period in the 4G era. In 2019, operators will accelerate their investment in 5G network construction. Electronic terminal products are also expected to usher in a new round of innovation cycle driven by operators and brand factories.

All the developmemt of IC industry is depended on the  upgrades of IC chips. 

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sai varma

student | Posted 23 Oct, 2019

Top trends technologies are worth to watch closely in 2019.

  • Machine Learning will advance Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • 10 Ways Smart Cities Will Restructure The Economy.
  • Quantum Computing (Supercomputing)
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Data science with AI
  • 10 Ways Smart Cities Will Restructure The Economy.
  • Robotic Process Automation or RPA
  • Cyber Security.
  • Internet of Things. (IoT)

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Posted 23 Oct, 2019

As a blogger, I can suggest you the advanced technology things are AI things. As IoT grows everything is got automated. The thing is to grow with the advanced technology is now our lifestyle.

As a person or a professional, without being a website is nothing in these days. The web development company make use of advantages with this.

Like being we can find  out everything in google or in internet itself. Everything is going digital


@lets | Posted 10 Oct, 2019

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Micheal John

@Micheal | Posted 10 Oct, 2019

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Dry Contact Relay

Engineer | Posted 08 Oct, 2019

I believe one of them is the newest device for automation - the Do-It-Yourself Dry Contact Relay. It can be added to network of devices via the Ethernet to automate door locks, curtains and so much more. Anything can be automated simpler. More info on the examples at Dry Contact Relay's Pinterest page.


|Updated 16 Sep, 2019

right now Machine Learning with python or Machine Learning and python are growing trends in technology. People are more focused in Machine Learning and python and also in companies their is a demand of persons who know machine learning or python. if you want to learn machine learning or python then you can join any nearby training institute or if you are of delhi, or of ncr then you can go throw this link  Machine Learning Training company in Noida

Vinay Arora

Website Design, Web Development and Digital Marketing | |Updated 16 Sep, 2019

As per the questions asked about the recent trends in technology, unified communications (UCaaS) technology has gained popularity in 2019 and CloudConnect is the best example of the same. UCaaS technology is based on UCaaS-based communication solutions that have the potential to improve business communications systems. UCaaS is designed for all types of business whether you are an SMEs or a startup.

Choosing Unified Communication and Collaboration Solutions for business offers you multiple benefits such as remote work capabilities, centralizing communication, scalability, audio, and video conferencing which enhance business productivity.

mahesh reddy

excutive | Posted 28 Aug, 2019

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