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What are the scientific evidence of Lord Krishna-s and Lord Shiva-s existence?


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I can respond in due order regarding God Shiva's presence . God Shiva is amorphous and is interminable.

Logical verification of Shiva's presence is given naturally itself!

There is renowned amarnath collapse India. Amarnath (which means - the God who never bites the dust) is another name of Shiva.

A) Here , inside this cavern, a characteristic shivling shows up each year.

This is a shivling made commonly . This shows that nature additionally gives verification of presence of Shiva.

B) Many NATURALLY framed Shivlingas are found in Narmada riverbed. These shivlings are not made by any human yet nature. Unique narmada shivlings contains normally made sacred images like Om(but they are uncommon) . On the off chance that it is because of some logical cycle, why it isn't found in some other waterway? These shivlings are even beautiful. Obviously they are made by some regular process(which happens just in this waterway as a result of aid of Shiva) , yet just God controls nature, and consequently these unique narmada shivlings are another verification of Shiva's presence.

C) Mount Kailash is known as home of Shankar (human type of Shiva). Consequently mount Kailash is holiest spot on earth. Also, due this degree of eternality, just that individual will have the option to climb it who have colossal commitment and heavenly nature and generally significant, authorization of Shankar.

What's more, till now nobody had climbed it. Numerous non-adherents attempted to climbed it, however possibly they were discovered dead or they were rarely found. What's more, the individuals who were savvy, they returned back.

The following are the specific assertions of those climbers who attempted to win it; -

Ruttledge said-totally unclimbable.

Colonel Wilson said - exactly when I found an early stroll to the highest point, intensely snow started to fall, making climb immpossible.

Russian climber Sergi Cistiakov said - When we moved toward the foot of the mountain, my heart was beating I was before holy mountain which can't be aten. I felt very withered and unexpectedly I got the idea that I don't have a place with this mountain, I should essentially return! When we began drop, I felt freed.

These are the genuine confirmations of essence of extraordinary eternality on Mount Kailash in light of the fact that human type of The Almighty God lives there.



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