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What are the smart tips for self studying?


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A student may go to the best school or college in the country or may join the most reputed tutorials, but at the end, all that matters is how a student has studied on their own. Even the best teachers cannot force or inject a subject in a student's mind until and unless one is willing to accept it. There's no denying the fact that educational institutes play a vital role in shaping a student's future. A good institute is crucial to make a person honest, kind, humble and generous apart from imparting the knowledge of subjects. However, when it comes to studies, every chapter, every concept that is taught in school or college has to be revised and practised by the student voluntarily.

Now, when it comes to self-study, you can just sit with a book and start memorising everything. But before doing that you must know there are a few tricks and exercises, which will help you perform exceptionally well. Let's have a look at them. Be Focused When you decide and settle down to start studying, the very first thing you need to do is get rid of useless thoughts. Your friends may be on a holiday trip or they might be playing outside during your study time, these thoughts might keep pestering you but never let it hamper your focus. It's your career and you shouldn't let others come in your way of making it bright.


Make A Comfortable Routine

Obviously, it is important to study every day but not uncomfortably. If you are more comfortable studying at night, do not force yourself to wake up at 4 am in the morning. At the end of the day, all that matters is how much you gain and not at what time of the day you hustle for it.

Choose Your Favourite Place

Some people grasp things better sitting in an enclosure while some are more active in a roomy area. Before you start studying, pick a place where you get positive vibes. Also, you can keep changing your study spot if a single place gets boring after a while.

Set Targets

Blindly sitting with a book and starting with any random topic doesn't give you a clear picture of your

preparation.Before you start, make a plan as to how much you will be studying in a particular time span. Besides, set realistic targets taking into account your capabilities and grasping power.

Highlight Important Points

While studying a theory, you come across such statements or points which convey the majority of information on the topic. Do not just look past such points. Instead, use them as a useful tool by highlighting or underlining them which will be beneficial for quick revisions just before exams.

Write And Practise

When you read a concept or a mathematical problem and completely understand it, do not act overconfident and jump to the next topic. Write it down. Just reading does make you understand things but it never lasts long. Also, you understand and remember a concept better when you write it down on your own.

Stay Self-motivated

In class, the teacher makes us study if we want to or not. But, while studying ourselves, we have all the liberty to leave it anywhere in the middle or just not start at all. In this case, you need to remember that even an ocean is made up of several tiny drops. Similarly, every minute you study counts and contributes to your performance. 


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