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What are the steps in Memory process?


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The steps in the memory process can be summed into four broad points:

1) Learning – We can memorize a content only when we have learnt it before. To memorize a content learning is very essential. An individual should learn and memorize to increase the ability to relate the new knowledge with previous knowledge and lessons should be repeated several times.

2) Retention – The second most important component of the memory process is retention of the learnt content. By this it means the storage in your brain. They say that retention is innate and the environment does not play any special role in its development. It depends on:

a) Physical and mental health

b) Mental Ability

c) Nature of learning

d) Nature of Subject Matter

3) Recall - By recall we mean to bring the past experience from the unconscious mind to the conscious mind again. This activity occurs when memory traces become active. These past experience are brought to the conscious mind in the absence of original stimuli.

4) Recognition – Recognition is that ability by which past experience or learnt facts are associated with or isolated from other facts to understand them clearly. For ex, when we meet a man for the first time, then a reflection is formed in our brain by memory traces. When we meet that man again years later, these memory traces become prominent and become able to recognize that man again.