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Priya Gupta

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What are the steps to apply make up?


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1). Purify your face, utilizing product(s) fitting for your skin type (chemical/toner/and so on).

2). Apply sunscreen (VERY vital, except if you need to resemble a withered prune when you're more established. Trust me, you don't).

Next, contingent on the state of your skin and dimension of inclusion/revision wanted, pick either stage 3 or stage 4 underneath:

3). BB or CC cream (across the board items which for the most part incorporate lotion/preliminary/light inclusion in one item), in shade that most nearly coordinates your neck and abdominal area (shoulders/upper chest/decollete).

4). a. Lotion suitable for your skin type (take note of: this is essential regardless of whether you have sleek skin - sound skin needs both oil [which your skin makes on its own], AND dampness [which originates from inside - by drinking bunches of water] Moisturizer does not add dampness to your skin; it makes an obstruction which keeps dampness vanishing from your skin).


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Well that depends on what type of look you’re going for. If its something very basic that you
can do everyday, start by cleaning, moisturizing your face and putting lip balm. Don’t forget to
apply sunscreen if you’re going out during the day. A primer is generally used after moisturizing
so that the make up stays better and for a longer time. Then if you want light coverage, use a
concealer to hide your blemishes, under the eyes for eye bags and on your T-zone for
highlighting. If you’re going for a fuller coverage, use a foundation first and then the concealer.
You can also, skip this step if you feel like you don’t need a cakey look on your face for a more
natural effect. After that, use a blush on the apples of your cheeks and maybe finish off the
base of the look with a setting powder. Highlight your cheek bones with a highlighter. Fill in
your brows, apply eye shadow and eye liner/kohl (kajal) if you wish. Mascara on the lashes is
really important, even if you plan to not do anything else on your eyes because this can totally
transform your look. Finally finish off with applying some color on your lips or gloss depending
on what you like. I suggest you watch the following videos for a better understanding of the


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You should begin by cleaning your face. On the off chance that you can't be tried to shed immediately toward the beginning of the day, use toner. Put some on a cotton ball and rub it onto your face.

Next, You should put on face cream and sun screen. The salve will keep both your skin and cosmetics from splitting, and the sun screen will forestall wrinkles. Sun screen ought to be worn each day, in any event, throughout the winter.

Putting on cosmetics

This relies to a great extent upon which items you like to utilize. I'll show them in the request I'd use them:


Eyeshadow groundwork




Eyebrow filler

Lip liner




Become flushed


Setting shower

I don't generally wear the entirety of this however, clearly, I have an actual existence that begins at 8 am, I don't have the opportunity to put on ten layers of cosmetics each morning. Typically I simply wear establishment, groundwork, eyeshadow, eyebrow filler, and lipstick. You can blend and match anyway you need.

Establishment can be applied with a brush, a wipe, or your fingers. Establishment comes in fluid, cream, and powder structure. I want to utilize fluid first, and powder a while later. It keeps going longer.