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What are the ‘symptoms’ and ‘cure at home’ for both low and high Blood Pressure patients?


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Blood pressure is the pressure of blood in arteries pumped by the heart. Blood pressure is measured as high and low.

Symptoms of high blood pressure are:

(Most diabetic patients suffer from high blood pressure)



Higher age


Vision problems

High intake of sodium

Trouble breathing



Nose bleeds

Symptoms of low blood pressure are:

Feeling dizzy



Rapid or irregular heart beat

Feeling nauseous


Above are the symptoms through which you can get to know whether you are suffering from high blood pressure or low blood pressure without going to the doctor.

Given below are some tips for the high blood pressure and low blood pressure problems that be cured at home, without rushing to the doctor.

1. Intake of pomegranate is good for high blood pressure problem.

2. Ginger is the source of decreasing bad cholesterol.

3. Coconut water is filled with potassium and magnesium ,which is good for heart muscle.

4. Dark chocolate helps to keep the blood vessels open, it allows the blood to carry vital oxygen and nutrients to all parts of body.

5. Cardamom is the spice that is used for several years in ayurveda. It is widely used for cardiac diseases, heartburn and respiratory disorders.

For low blood pressure:

1. Have adequate salt, excess salt is bad but moderate salt is required by the body.

2. Drink more fluids, drink at least 2-3 litres of water on daily basis.

3. Caffeine ,caffeinated beverages like a tea or coffee may help boost your blood pressure.

4. Tulsi leaves have high potassium levels and vitamin C which helps in regulating blood pressure.

5. Almond Milk, there is no cholesterol and saturated fat in almond milk. It is rich in healthy fats like Omega 3 fatty acids.



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Hypertension, or hypertension, isn't something to be taken

gently. It is a genuine infection, the reason for which is obscure. One

certainty human services experts do know is that left untreated, high

circulatory strain after some time can prompt genuine coronary illness and

other vascular difficulties, even passing.

Here 5 Steps You Can Take Today To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

1. Drink Water. Truly, water is an approach to purge and invigorate each

some portion of the body, even your veins. Drink 8-10 glasses each

day to flush out abundance salt and poisons that advance into

the circulation system. You can utilize water to supplant a few beverages

containing caffeine that incidentally raise pulse.

2. Quit Smoking. On the off chance that you are quite a while smoker, you know how it

influences your relaxing. What you may not understand is its effect on

your pulse. In the event that you can't stop totally, at that point chop down.

Indeed, even a half decrease in the quantity of cigarettes smoked every week

can help.

3. Exercise. A cardiovascular exercise reinforces the heart. This

is significant on the grounds that hypertension after some time puts included

strain on the heart. Only 20 minutes, 3 times each seven day stretch of a

continued increment in pulse will help in bringing down blood


4. Eat Right. In the event that you are eating better and working out, a pleasant

result will be weight reduction. By lessening your weight by 10%, you

can altogether bring down circulatory strain. An eating regimen that incorporates the

freshest foods grown from the ground will bolster solid circulatory strain.

Lessen or wipe out salt admission, and particularly be careful with "covered up"

sodium discovered copiously in pre-bundled accommodation nourishments.

5. Unwind. Numerous individuals have a brief raise in circulatory strain when

they are under pressure. In the event that you have hypertension since you

are over weight or have a family ancestry of hypertension, at that point

stress raises it considerably more. Have a go at going for a stroll, pondering or

tuning in to loosening up music to bring some relief from a distressing day.

Set aside a few minutes for decompressing every single day.

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