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What are the Symptoms of Brain Tumuors?


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(Even in the most remote way, if you suspect you have a brain tumor, please do not wait and waste time on online articles. Head to a medical facility, talk to a qualified professional, and get tested.)

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There are many evident symptoms of brain tumors. But a lot depends on the type.

Depending on their size and location, there are many different types of brain tumors… right from Glioma and Ependymoma to Acoustic neuroma and Meningioma. Their early signs vary.

But to answer your question, there are some common symptoms of brain tumors:

· Frequent headaches that become severe and come with unexplained patterns

· Feeling nauseous, which leads to vomiting

· Difficulty in speaking, seeing and hearing

· Confusion and non-clarity in the thinking process

· Problems in maintaining balance

· Gradual loss of sensation in arms and legs

· Seizures (one of the first signs of the problem)

Now, of course, the existence of these symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean you have brain tumors. Similarly, their absence doesn’t mean you’re completely safe.

brain tumors (Courtesy: University Health News)

Note that there could also be cases where you have cancer in another part of your body, which eventually spreads to the brain. Like lung, colon and breast cancer.

Once you spot even the tiniest of symptom, given the gravity of the problem, it's important that you rush to a doctor to get tested.

Your doctor, depending on your symptoms, will recommend you a number of tests. It could include MRI, neurological exam, CT scan, tissue sampling/biopsy, myelogram, more.

brain tumor (Courtesy: Daily Express)

Reports from such tests will help your doctor answer critical questions like…

· Whether you have a brain tumor or not?

· What type is it?

· Where is it located?

· At what stage is it on?

· Does it affect other part of the body?

Depending on the severity, the doctor will recommend you the appropriate treatment. It could be radiation therapy, chemotherapy, drug therapy, surgery, radiosurgery, more.

brain tumor symptoms (Courtesy: HuffPost)

To sum up, again, if you doubt even remotely that you have brain tumor, stretch directly to the doctor. Don't waste reading articles online on "brain tumor symptoms". They will not help you. Even if you don’t have the tumor, consulting the doctor would provide you the peace of mind.


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General side effects

Tumors in any piece of the cerebrum may cause the weight inside the skull (known as intracranial strain) to rise. This can be brought about by development of the tumor itself, growing in the mind, or blockage of the progression of cerebrospinal liquid (CSF). Expanded weight can prompt general side effects, for example,




Obscured vision

Equalization issues

Character or conduct changes


Tiredness or even trance state

Cerebral pains that will in general deteriorate after some time are a typical indication of cerebrum tumors, happening in about portion of patients. (Obviously, most cerebral pains are not brought about by tumors.)

The same number of as half of individuals with mind tumors will have seizures sooner or later. The kind of seizure may rely upon where the tumor is. Once in a while this is the principal indication of a cerebrum tumor, yet less than 1 out of 10 first seizures are brought about by mind tumors.

Side effects of tumors in various pieces of the focal sensory system

Cerebrum and spinal rope tumors regularly cause issues with the particular elements of the locale they create in. However, these manifestations can be brought about by any illness in that specific area — they don't generally mean an individual has a mind or spinal line tumor.