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What are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- names and colors?


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If you've got a basic know-how of European records you probable recognise that the Ninja Turtle names are taken from the names of well-known European artists.


From Left to Right
Michelangelo, Color: Orange. Also referred to as Mikey or Mike, his weapon is the Dual Nunchucks. He is the youngest one at the institution, extraordinarily fun loving, carefree, smooth-going and the laid returned. He could make the audiences chortle made him exactly the type of turtle that children ought to relate to, can fight with the quality of them, the maximum fluid relationships concerning others.

Leonardo, Color: Blue. Also known as Leo, his guns are swords, shoto, katana, smoke bombs. He is the eldest one and the chief, in charge of all subjects regarding the turtles especially when the grasp Splinter is not round. As a pacesetter, he may be very disciplined and suggests no weakness, presents a strong instance for the others and the most dependable turtle in war.

Raphael, Color: Red. Also called Raph, his weapons are the Twin Sai, ninja glider, smoke bombs and grappling hook. The awful boy turtle, extremely aggressive as well as rebellious, he regularly clashes heads along with his older brother Leonardo. He might frequently move rogue, however it'd always end in him being harm, and forcing his brothers to return to his rescue.

Donatello, Color: Purple. Also known as Donnie or Don, his guns are the Bo workforce, ninja glider, smoke bombs, grappling hook, naginata. The smartest turtle and is also taken into consideration the vice chief. His intelligence additionally gives his expertise in some of the ninjutsu disciplines, it may make him the closest of all TMNT to being a ninja grasp.


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