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varma R

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what are the things bollywood should learn from south film industry


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Ranbir Kapoor once said after asking with respect to what valid reason a portion of his films floundered, why his job was irrelevant, 'I am that Bandra kid, who has carried on with an extravagance life, ventured to the far corners of the planet yet does not realize his very own kin aside from Bandra.'


A large portion of the Bollywood motion picture creators like Karan Johar, Yashraj movies are tormented with this wonders. They know the world however not their very own kin, the condition Indians live in, genuine issues Indians face or what is it like to be Indian living outside South Mumbai. That is the reason most Bollywood movies are silly, unmerited and careless. Be that as it may, chiefs like Anurag Kashyap who have encountered destitution and seen genuine India, think of incredible films like Gangs of Wasseypur.

South Indian motion picture creators then again are so knowledgeable with Indian individuals. They recognize what issues a lion's share of Indians are confronting, their living conditions, their intensely loaded social qualities and they make 90% of motion pictures dependent on destitution, defilement, police wrongdoing dramatization or rich young lady poor kid stories. In any case, they make *****, outlandish and time squandering motion pictures.

Yet, much the same as bollywood, there in the south also are some incredible motion pictures made in Tamil and Malayalam.

One can not by any stretch of the imagination rate Bollywood as ***** or incredible, likewise to south Indian film in light of the fact that there are some extraordinary motion pictures made like A Wednesday and most noticeably awful motion pictures like Thugs of Hindostan. In the event that you are extremely into reasonable motion pictures, watch Marathi or Bengali motion pictures.