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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on | Share-Market-Finance

What are the things first time investors should know?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Honestly, there are 100s of instructions and suggestions that first time investors must keep in mind. After all, it matters their hard-earned money. However, there are few that deserve a noteworthy mention.

First, you must remember that investing your money in any avenue won’t make you an overnight millionaire. It will take time to increase in value. So you must have the patience to wait. Plus, you must be ready to be in this game for years.

Next thing you must always remember is that you can lose all your money if you’re not careful. Yes, even when you have the best strategy and expert by your side, you can never succeed in predicting the market movements. You can always lose your money. So never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

Third, don’t get dragged into day trading, unless you know the tricks of the game. Be an investor. Hold your money through thick and thin. Don’t trade for the sake to make few pennies. The risk reward ratio in trading is not in your favor.

Fourth, learn technical analysis. Remember, you will only be as good and successful as your technical knowledge. It is imperative that if you want a rich, high-rewarding and sustainable portfolio, you must know how to do technical analysis. So spend time in learning it. Take relevant online courses, watch videos and read articles from reliable resources.

These are few important things new investors must always keep in mind. Good luck!