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What are the things that you should not do in a restaurant?


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The foremost and perhaps the biggest thing you should not do in a restaurant is cause inconvenience to other guests.

Do not talk loudly. Do not push or hassle others by your movements (like when passing by tables to your own place). Do not throw things everywhere; people don’t like un-cleanliness.
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This should be at the top of your priority list.
Aside from this, there are a few other things you should not do in a restaurant:
• Don’t block anyone's path. In particular, that of the waiters.
• Keep your phone, if not in silent mode then at least in the low volume.
• If you're the main person in the meal (like you have arranged this dinner or meeting), don’t be the first person to finish your food.
• Don’t hoard big tables if the people you're waiting for will arrive very late.
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• Don’t spill a lot on the table and floor.
• Don't break the glasses and plates. In addition, don't mess with the decorative items on the table.
• Don’t talk rudely to your waiter. Be extremely polite. Even if he/she has made any mistake, be empathetic and accommodating.
• If you're going to the restaurant with the kids, don’t let them loose.
• Don’t complain about the bad food to your waiter.
These are the few things you should not do in a restaurant.
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That said though, at the same time, even when going to the fanciest restaurants, don’t feel intimidated. Don’t feel out of place.
You’re going there to have fun, chill with friends or family, and enjoy. Do that. Don’t think too much about what to do and what not to do.
As long as you're not causing inconvenience to other guests and are polite in your overall attitude, you're good to go.


head cook ( seven seas ) | Posted on

When you are going to dine in a high-end restaurant with a good number of Michelin stars, you are automatically expected to show certain etiquette and you just can’t afford to behave any less than what is expected to you. The whole staff is trained to treat a certain type of customer and you ought to keep the bar that high, even if not raise it further.

When you go to such restaurants there of course is a long list of do’s and don’t’s that you need to keep in mind to make your experience smooth and more importantly, free of any awkwardness.

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First thing to remember in such restaurants is that your primary motive of going there is not eating but socializing with the one you are going. Whether it’s a business meeting, a date, or a casual meeting with a childhood friend, you are going to meet them and talk to them/know them over food, not going to have food with them. Keep that rule in mind and things will automatically start falling into places.

Taking the hint from here only, the first set of rules includes not eating faster or more than your companions. All of you should be on the same plane throughout. Likewise, don’t order something too dissimilar with what your companions have ordered.

Talking of ordering, you need to be as smooth with the staff as possible. The first way of doing this is to not get confused with what you have ordered. Misunderstanding the dish you have ordered can ***** off chef as well as waiters and manager. In addition, remember that you are not going to eat primarily and hence avoid arriving at the restaurant starving. You will have to wait for at least 45 minutes to reach to the main course, while your company enjoys chats with light starters and drinks. So it’s best to leave home having had a little something.
Once you are there, remember not to sit down first, no matter you are the host or the guest. If you are playing the host, it’s your responsibility to guide everyone through their seats and then take the seat yourself. If you are the guest, wait for the host to tell you where to sit.

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After you are seated comfortably, make sure you don’t keep your wallet, purse, keys, or phone on the table. Also pay attention on the handling of the utensils. Once you have taken a bite from a fork or spoon, it should go on the plate, not on the table. If you have to leave the table in between the meal, place your knife and fork parallel to each other on the either side of your plate. In case you are done with your meal, the cutlery should be placed in a 4 O’clock position on the table.

You should also mind raising your voice to call the waiter or to talk, rushing on to serve yourself, and ordering the food which is hard to eat.

At last, avoid the bill coming to the table. Give the card to the waiter beforehand to avoid post- meal confusion of who’s gonna pay.