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varma R

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what are the things to keep in mind while writing a novel?


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Powerful authors have an obsessive need to stay away from their interior sentiments of disappointment and uselessness to:

Get the peruser to peruse the following section. That is all yea need to know! It doesn't make a difference how cool and complex the plot is. It doesn't make a difference how profound the characters are. It doesn't make a difference if God talks through you. Nothing occurs if the peruser doesn't continue perusing. A proof of this can be found in any passage in any book you appreciate. Peruse it from anyplace and it will pull you in. To put it plainly, you can't compose a passage since it FOLLOWS the section behind it, but since it FORCES you to peruse the section after it.

WHY STOP READING? Exhausting (definition): Describing your general surroundings without strife, anticipation and strain. Regardless of how well you may clarify the life of a window-washer 20-stories high, it won't leave individuals speechless the manner in which an unexceptional rodent would dangling from an edge. An individual will possibly peruse the following passage on the off chance that it can conceivably RESOLVE an inquiry in the paragraph(s) before it. Essayists who accept they're over that poop presumably bother you with their objections about the "composing business" each time they see you.

Further verifications: I've perused Tom Clancy books spread to cover. Calling the characters "two-dimensional cardboard patterns" would be an affront to two-dimensional cardboard patterns. CHARACTERS ARE NOT NECESSARY. I've perused Henry Miller and Proust completely through however uninformed of anything looking like a plot. PLOT IS NOT NECESSARY. When I put a book down I see another on a rack I need to peruse. The ONLY thing keeping anybody from hopping starting with one book then onto the next is the inclination one has to realize what occurs next in the book they put down.