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Brijesh Mishra

Businessman | Posted on | Astrology

What are the tips to keep in mind while matching a couple-s Kundali?


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In India, there are many rituals and customs are performed for the success of a couple’s marriage but the most important among them is Kundli Milan (matching of horoscopes). Before matching the horoscopes, one should keep in mind the following tips:

1. Bride and groom’s life longevity
This can be done by studying the Lagnesh or Lagna Lord and Ashtmesh doshas in the horoscope. This is very important because if there is a doshas that indicates a shorter life for either of them, it be will unfair to go ahead with the match. However, this dosha can be remedied by specific pooja.
2. Health of bride and groom
Another important point to be noticed while matching a Kundli, this can be determined by studying the Lagna lord, lord of 6th, 4th and 8th house, and moon in the both the individual’s horoscope. This analysis helps to know if both of them would lead a healthy life together.
3. The position of the 7th House in the Bride and Groom’s personal horoscope
One of the most important points. It is because if in either of their horoscopes the 7th house is weak or the lord of 7th house is in reverse or the lord of 7th house is exalted in 6th or 8th or is positioned in the 12th house or is under influence of destruction planets, even if all 36 of 36 guns match in the horoscope, the marriage will not be successful.
4. House of children in the horoscope
A wedding leads to procreation of new generations. Therefore, it is important to study the house of children of the couple before they get hitched.
5.Position of Mars in the horoscope
For a successful married life, it is important to study the position of Mars in the couple’s horoscope separately. If there is commonality, then the couple can go ahead and tie the knot.