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ashutosh singh

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What are the unbelievable facts about Tamil Nadu?

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ashutosh singh

teacher | |Updated 22 Sep, 2020

A 2000 Year Old Functional Dam 

The Kallanai Dam was developed during second century by King Karikalan, and is viewed as one of the most seasoned water system frameworks on the planet that is as yet being used. With the development of dam, Karikalan changed the destiny of Chola Kingdom for eternity. He didn't simply think about the not so distant future, he pondered a structure that can represent quite a while. 

The Cauvery delta locale has consistently been rich. The stream caused a few floods during the rainstorm seasons and the delta experienced dry spells during the dry months. 

Subsequently, to change these limits, Karikalan contrived the task to keep up a consistent progression of water. 

Water SYSTEM: 
After that Thanjavur, which once needed to import food grains, before long turned into the rice bowl with its development. Other than occupying overabundance rising water into four littler streams, he likewise fabricated trenches to use the water for water system. 

At the hour of development, the structure was 329 m long with lopsided stones, 20 m wide and 5.4 m high. It was worked with enormous rocks soaked in the Cauvery sand. In 1829, the British government delegated Arthur T Cotton, the dad of Indian water system, to manage the water system works in the Cauvery district. 

Cotton, who renamed the dam as 'Terrific Anaicut', portrayed it as 'miracles of designing by Tamils' in his book. Afterward, he contemplated details in detail and built dams and extensions over the district utilizing similar strategies. He said the dam, which was worked by Karikalan 18 centuries sooner, will withstand for quite a long time for its quality and it won't likewise need redesign in future.