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What are the updates of coronavirus in India ?


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Vaccine updates of coronavirus in India:-

30 Covid-19 goals at various stages of development
Prime Minister Modi on Tuesday convened a meeting of the task force on the development of the Coronavirus vaccine and took a closer look at the current state of India's ongoing efforts in vaccine development.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked about the stages of the current vaccine development in India.
More than 30 vaccines to vaccinate the coronavirus (Covid-19) are in different stages of development and few will attend test sessions in India even though existing drugs have been purchased, experts told Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a meeting of the project. power.
Prime Minister Modi on Tuesday postponed a meeting of the staff team on the development of a coronavirus vaccine and looked more closely at the current state of India's ongoing efforts to improve vaccine, drug discovery, diagnosis and testing.
According to a statement issued by the Prime Minister's office after the meeting, Indian companies have identified themselves as innovators in the study of early-stage vaccine development.
The statement said there were three major drug development initiatives in the country.
“First of all, the re-sale of existing drugs. At least four drugs are being developed and tested in this field, ”the statement said.
"Secondly, the development of new drugs and molecules is driven by linking high-performance and laboratory validation.
Third, product additives and products are being tested to find common anti-virus properties," it added.
Several academic research institutes and startups have developed new assays, both Reverse transcript-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) methods and antibody detection, diagnostics and testing.
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The power in both of these tests was greatly increased by connecting laboratories across the country. "The problem of importing test reagents is being dealt with by a consortia of newcomers and industry, meeting current needs. The incident is there and promises to be a long-term development for the industry," the statement said.