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suvarna srivastava

@letsuser | Updated 08 Feb, 2018 |

What are the ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with your partner ?

Amrin Ved

Student | Posted 17 Feb, 2020

There are several ways to celebrate Valentine's Day, you can take your partner out for a candlelight dinner and then make them feel good by ordering their favorite food/dessert and then maybe adding wine to enhance the romance of the night. You can also get flowers for them, but I truly feel that flowers may someday get pale, so why not gift something with the flowers, like a personalized couple travel wallet and not only to them but to yourself as well. This will help get the charm back as when you gift something, they will have to use it and that means you will have to think of traveling somewhere in order to start using it. It gives a chance to think of having a trip together taking the time out of your busy schedule.

Naksh Kaloo

Blogger | Posted 27 Dec, 2019

There are many ways you can celebrate Valentine's Day with your partner. 2019 is about to end and as 2020 sets in, the season of love will ring in. Be it for him or her, a designer pendant can be a great gifting idea. There are more affordable accessories to be gifted along with flowers, chocolate, dinner date or soft toys.

Ritwik Singh

Manager at Amazon | Posted 08 Feb, 2018

Everyday is a Valentine's day when you love somebody from the bottom of your heart. You don't need a day to celebrate love that is one of the best feelings in the world. However, in today's world Valentine's day has become a day to show how you much you do love your loved ones. So, here are some out of the box things you can do for your loved ones.

*Write a short poem or a love note: Instead of spending money on cards and fancy flowers, just write a good poem or a note for him/her that does decipher how much they mean to you and how much you love them.

*Surprise your loved one with breakfast in bed: Going out to expensive restaurants and ordering expensive dishes isn't a new thing that everybody can do but surprise your loved one with a cup of coffee and a simple breakfast that is cooked by you earns brownie points for you.

*Make a collage of photos from special mementos: Pick a poster board or a canvas and paste your candid loving pictures of together from concerts or movies that you watched together.

*Plan a short trip to the outskirts of city: Valentine's day is a day to be remembered. So, a plan a short trip that takes you both of you away from daily mundane routines, city chaos, traffic, and pollution. And having a glass of champagne together would be icing over the cake.

Last, but not the least make most of the time together by keeping your hands off phone: We live in the world of smartphones where we spend most of the time on them not with our closed ones not even with our loved ones. So, this Valentine's day keep your phone away from you and spends quality time like no one comes between you.  


Sanya Chopra

Makeup artist at Jawed Habib | Posted 08 Feb, 2018

Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love, beauty and romantic mood. Happy couples want to make it special and unforgettable, but sometimes they don’t know what to do to make their partner remember this day forever.

So here are some fun celebration ideas that will keep the spark ignited all week long :


·         Splurge on a movie and Dessert night : Watch a movie you both will enjoy. Then, create a dessert bar on the coffee table with cookies and ice-cream. Sit back, laugh, eat and enjoy your special time together.


·         Create a Day full of Surprises : Purchase a few roses along with your partner’s favorite treat. Place them in locations which they visit throughout the day. You’ll bring smiles to your partner all day long!!!


·         Write a poem for your love : You can do it yourself or find one on internet. Write it down on a Valentine’s day card and stick it to the mirror. When your partner will read the poem on the mirror this will surely make her day beautiful and therefore yours as well.


·         Reasons why I love you : Buy a colored paper hearts or make it yourself, write on each one of them a reason why you love your partner or why they are so special to you. Write as many beautiful words as you can and when they discover this beautiful surprise they will be really touched and happy.  


·         Indulge in Music Scene : Check websites for concerts in your area. Spend the evening singing and dancing to some of your favorite tunes. You can even opt out of town concert and enjoy a weekend getaway.


·         Watch the sun set : Choose any afternoon grab a blanket a little meal and lay back as nature takes over the evening. You can even prolong your date with your partner under the stars.