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Sameer Kumar

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What are the ways to have a good sleep?


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Sleep is one of the most important elements of a healthy life and it is quite surprising that a lot of people struggle to sleep at night. Here are some easy ways that will help you sleep tight and better:

1. Fix your sleeping time. Don’t use phones and laptops after 11 at night and if it is possible turn off your mobile data to stop unnecessary notifications.

2. Avoid alcohol, tobacco and smoking before bedtime.

3. Don’t drink tea, coffee and soft drinks before bedtime because they contain caffeine that may disturb your sleep cycle.

4. Don’t take short naps during daytime.

5. Sleeping place should be comfortable and peaceful.



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There is nothing of the sort as an excess of rest. On the off chance that your body thinks you've had enough, it will simply wake up.

4 sequential hours during the night is the base necessity for intellectual capacity. Not great or compelling subjective capacity, yet at the same time. Any less and you should be smashed in light of the fact that that is the degree of working that your mind is at. I realize this is valid for school matured understudies, I'm not positive about other age gatherings.

Rest changes over everyday experience to long haul memory.

Individuals who have other psychological well-being things for the most part have conflicting rest designs. I've gotten notification from a UC Berkeley address on rest that your cerebrum changes over "negative" recollections first. So in the event that you reliably get too little rest, you're bound to have a more disheartening point of view on the grounds that your progressively "positive" recollections weren't viably changed over to long haul stockpiling.

One rest cycle is roughly an hour and a half. Following 45 minutes, a great many people are in profound rest. In the event that you wake up in the center of this, you're typically sleepy and it takes some time for you to come out of it and wake up completely. The time it removes to originate from it, for the most part lines up with the sum to time left in your rest cycle.

Snoozes ought to either be under 40 minutes OR the full 90. You truly would prefer not to wake up from profound rest.

Something like 40% of individuals aren't common nappers- - which means they can't snooze. What's more, that is alright! It just implies that you have to prize your night rest significantly more and give yourself the time you need.

A few people say that resting makes them groggier and progressively worn out previously. Here's the science: when you're super restless, you're running on adrenaline. At the point when you at long last rest a piece, you're sufficiently refreshed to acknowledge how tired you really are. It's not the rest that is making you languid. You simply have a ton of rest obligation.

Rest obligation - in the event that you can, rest without a morning timer. In the event that you rest longer than 6-10 hours, you most likely have a great deal of rest obligation accumulates. For instance, say you're an individual who needs 9 hrs to work. In the event that you just get 8 hrs consistently for seven days, it doesn't appear much during the day; BUT that is 7 hours of rest obligation that is accumulated. This is most likely where staying in bed toward the end of the week comes in.

You need around 30 minutes of rest for 1 hour alert. This proportion is the thing that gives us the 8 hours thing- - 24 hr day, 16 hrs wakeful, 8 hours sleeping.


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If not sleeping well it would directly affects our overall health. Good sleep plays a very important role in our healthy life.Therefore, here I am suggesting some important thing which helps you to get a good sleep.

-Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, and Other Chemicals before Sleeping.

-Go to bed when you really felt sleepy.

-If you have any serious problem then take suggestion from Doctor.

(Fitness Trainer)


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Whether you practice good or bad sleep hygiene is up to you. But if you want to get a better night’s sleep, the answer often begins with improving your sleep hygiene

How to practice good sleep hygiene checklist:

1.Know how much sleep you need.

2.Go to bed the same time every night.

3.Find a quiet place to sleep.

4.Keep your bedroom dark and cool.

5.Dedicate your bed to sleep and sex, and nothing else.

6.Limit screen time before going to bed. .

7.Follow a bedtime routine.

8.Limit your daytime naps.


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Sleep is a very important factor that is needed by a person to work and function well. It is when we sleep that the body of the person gets the needed energy that is needed by a person to function well. When a person sleep, the body repairs and heals itself and also fights a number of pathogen that can harm us in the long run. It also produces energy blocks in the body that are known as Adenosine triphosphate. This on breaking down provides the body with the needed energy for able to work and function well. So, it is very important for a person to sleep well.

You can sleep well by-

• Spraying soothing oil on the pillow that will help in inducing sleep

• Drink enough water before sleep

• Do not have caffeine products

• Use Armodafinil dosage

• Do not use your phone before you sleep


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Do you ever fall asleep at your work area in the day, so worn out and lazy that it nearly stings?

You know the inclination. Your eyelids have monster loads connected to them, and the words on your PC screen begin to obscure. Perhaps you could close your eyes for a couple of moments, and nobody will take note.

You long for stopping time so you can return home and cuddle up in your warm, agreeable bed for a taxing night of happy rest. In any case, at that point, when you're sleeping, you gaze at the roof, wide-wakeful, and considering everything that happened today. I feel you. ?

It appears regardless of how much rest we get around evening time, we as a whole get up in the first part of the day saying, "only five additional minutes!"


Here are some straightforward hacks that may assist you with preparing your cerebrum to nod off quicker on the off chance that you additionally experience difficulty resting around evening time.

No doubt I realize everybody says perusing before heading to sleep encourages you rest, yet it's in reality evident. I've been doing it of late and it has helped a great deal. Perusing not just quiet down and encourages you decompress after taxing day. Attempt it. 15 minutes perusing before dozing.

Makes me extremely upset to compose this yet DO NOT USE SWIGGY OR ZOMATO after 11 pm. Eating unfortunate nourishment around evening time only f**ks up your rest cleanliness. Additionally abstain from drinking cold beverages and espresso or tea. Science is *****. Sorry.

Fragrance based treatment. Been utilizing this strategy from most recent 2 months and it really makes a difference! Studies show that breathing in basic oil atom actuate cerebrum synthetic compounds associated with resting. Levender oil works for me, you ought to likewise attempt it in the event that you experience difficulty dozing.