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Sameer Kumar

Software engineer at HCL technologies | Updated 27 Jul, 2018 |

What are the ways to have a good sleep?

Jessica Smith

FItness Trainer | Posted 12 Jun, 2019

If not sleeping well it would directly affects our overall health. Good sleep plays a very important role in our healthy life.Therefore, here I am suggesting some important thing which helps you to get a good sleep.

-Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, and Other Chemicals before Sleeping.

-Go to bed when you really felt sleepy.

-If you have any serious problem then take suggestion from Doctor.

(Fitness Trainer)

Kaitlyn Kristy

I researches and writes custom content. I mostly writes on... | Posted 11 Jun, 2019

Whether you practice good or bad sleep hygiene is up to you. But if you want to get a better night’s sleep, the answer often begins with improving your sleep hygiene

How to practice good sleep hygiene checklist: 

1.Know how much sleep you need. 

2.Go to bed the same time every night. 

3.Find a quiet place to sleep. 

4.Keep your bedroom dark and cool. 

5.Dedicate your bed to sleep and sex, and nothing else. 

6.Limit screen time before going to bed. .

7.Follow a bedtime routine. 

8.Limit your daytime naps.

Vijay Singh

Health and Fitness Adviser | Posted 10 Jun, 2019

Insomnia is one of the greatest problems nowadays. It is now the root of all deceases.

Reason: Stress...... stress .... and stress...

Leave the stress... and start walking...  yes ...

Walk as much as you can!

I agree with Priya Gupta, she mentioned about avoiding the tea and coffee intakes at the eve. Trust me, coffee wont let you sleep.

Try to do the following things and trust me it will work.. I was a patient of insomnia... and what I did

These altogether is the secret of a good sleep..

1. Start walking at the morning

2. Avoid taking the tea and cola (cola contains high amount of caffeine) at eve.

3. Eat healthy and do not try to eat lesser because lesser food will not make you slim until you move your body. So, if your are putting labor eat adequate food.

4. But stop eating oily foods.

5. Start yoga.

6. Reverse the bad habit of going late to the bed and getting up late at the morning.

Remember you need sound sleep for a sound health. I won't say sweet dreams because scientifically people don't dream in sound sleep so I would rather say sweet sleep.

Carson Martin

Owner | Posted 09 Mar, 2019

There could be many reasons why you dont get a good sleep at night.

 nsomnia is the inability to fall asleep or stay asleep at night, resulting in unrefreshing or non-restorative sleep. Because different people need different amounts of sleep, insomnia is defined by the quality of your sleep and how you feel after sleeping—not the number of hours you sleep or how quickly you doze off. Even if you’re spending eight hours a night in bed, if you feel drowsy and fatigued during the day, you may be experiencing insomnia.

Although insomnia is the most common sleep complaint, it is not a single sleep disorder. Many people have to depend on sleep aids to get a good night's sleep. It’s more accurate to think of insomnia as a symptom of another problem. The problem causing the insomnia differs from person to person. It could be something as simple as drinking too much caffeine during the day or a more complex issue like an underlying medical condition or feeling overloaded with responsibilities.

 Nutritional deficiencies like lack of Vitamin D can also cause insomnia.


Priya Gupta

Working with holistic nutrition.. | Posted 18 Mar, 2018

Sleep is one of the most important elements of a healthy life and it is quite surprising that a lot of people struggle to sleep at night. Here are some easy ways that will help you sleep tight and better:


1.   Fix your sleeping time. Don’t use phones and laptops after 11 at night and if it is possible turn off your mobile data to stop unnecessary notifications.


2.   Avoid alcohol, tobacco and smoking before bedtime.


3.   Don’t drink tea, coffee and soft drinks before bedtime because they contain caffeine that may disturb your sleep cycle.


4.   Don’t take short naps during daytime.


5.   Sleeping place should be comfortable and peaceful.