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Rakesh Choudhary

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What are the ways to Promotion the product by electronic media ??


Business Head at Kirati Kreations | Posted on

Imagine you are a new member to business & want to promote & advertise products & services on aggressive electronic media, there are many ways to promote the same. You would have tried the same but found it extremely difficult to perform in a sequence. You might be offering the best price or reasonable products or services, but may not have the exact idea of how to perform the same. So, there are many unique ways to do the same.


Offering customers an exclusive preview of the business, products & services. Arranging contests, quiz competitions, sweepstakes & many more. Social media contests are the fun & easy way to connect.
Email marketing is a great way to promote business.
Facebook Ads are seen by a million people & it is one of the most effective ways to promote your business.
Hosting an event is an excellent way to heavily promote services & products.
Sharing customer review or knowing their views about your brand, goods & services. This will help a brand or organization to improve their goods & services.
Sharing content on different social media platforms via which one can get many free leads for the products & services.


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Top 7 ways to promote your brand (You don’t need money, you need ideas)

In today’s world where social media is dominating people’s lives and everyone is hooked up to their devices, you don’t need much money to promote your product or brand.

Gone are the days where you needed to spend huge moolah on promoting your business. Many budding entrepreneurs didn’t start a business because of no money for marketing and advertising.

Keep reading the article if you have a small business and you want to promote your brand.

1.Social media sharing promotion

Every other human being is on social media. If you want to promote your brand then understand which social media platform is best for your business.

Understand your niche market then promote, your product there.

You cannot promote your business on every social media platform because we all have limited time.
Do some experiments, understand your ROI(Return On investments).

2. Promoting via Affiliates
    Promoting your brand via affiliates is a nice way to reach your audience.
  They can do all the promotion work while you can concentrate on your business.
This can be done in two ways:
By enlisting your brand on affiliate sites
By directly becoming a partner with affiliates

Choose your affiliates carefully.

3. Brand promotion via Influencers
There are many influencers who can do your product and business promotion if you have a nice product which can provide value to the customers.
You have to find your niche market influencers who have a nice number of followers.

4. Promoting via content

You can promote your business and product by writing good quality content for your products and promoting them nicely.
If done correctly then this is the most effective way. However, this is not a fast process. If you have patience then it will give you the most ROI.
You can hire a good freelance content writer to write for you.
In today’s world, it is all about writing good quality content which can add value to your readers.

5. Promoting via Guest Posting

You don’t just have to publish your business content on your website, but you have to promote it aggressively.
It all about 80-20 rule.
20% of the time should be invested in writing while 80% should be dedicated to promoting.
You can hire good content writers for writing on various guest blogging sites.

6. Promotion via Expert Roundups

This is quite an easy way to promote your product.
You don’t have to write new content. You can just collect all the answers from experts given on the internet.
Then you can find all the forums where people are asking for answers about some product.
You can promote your business by providing an answer and linking your website there.

7. Promoting via nice deals

You can provide good deals when you launch your product.
But, this strategy can sometimes backfire because people can think of you like another generic product in the market.
So, use this strategy carefully.

Smile on Clouds provides some amazingly creative ideas where they promote your business and brand through
Floating clouds
Drone services
3D Air Displays

They capture the crowd’s attention and make them your customer.




@letsuser | Posted on

1. YouTube

YouTube is one of the world’s largest search engines on which you can find fresh content that have the potential to form trends. YouTube videos are ranked in traditional search engines such as Google. This presents you with a huge traffic opportunity that can be leveraged for marketing. You can promote your products to your target audience with interesting or helpful videos.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective way of promotion when you are aware of your target audience and want to directly get in touch with them. It allows you to easily share news of your product, photos, and information with customers. You can offer exclusive discounts and give notifications for flash sales.

3. Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook is a platform where you get billions of people. You can do promotions on Facebook and use it as an advertising platform. It gives you the option to target a particular group of audience and lets you run paid ads.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is the platform where you can buy or sell products online. A statistics show that about 93% of active pinners say they use Pinterest to plan purchases. Many people use Pinterest to build wish lists. This makes Pinterest a great social media platform to promote products—especially products that are well-designed and have an appealing photograph.

5. Instagram

Instagram is a huge platform that has over 400 million active users and its way of operation is visually focused which is perfect for promoting products. About half of the Instagram users stay active every day. If anyone is good at sharing then their products are bound to sell on this network.

6. Referral Marketing

This is not a new concept. Referral marketing is also known as word of mouth marketing and is an effective way to promote your product in a cost-effective way. To drive awareness and sales referral marketing uses other people to talk about your product in a way that will sell them automatically. These days people use the web to drive sales that are even more referral marketing. Not increases the target audience but, the web makes it easier for other people to share your content—and for you to track its impact. 


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Social media is a big place of marketing.  Here you can promote every product and get benefit. and go large scale of your business.


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