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What are things to do before you go on an online date?


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So all is set and you are going to meet the guy, you have been texting for a while. The online dating game excites everyone, you can virtually connect to someone from any corner of the world and if your tuning gets matched with his, you can take this conversation to the next level by meeting him as a person.

But be prepared before you move ahead because there is no guarantee that it is going to be safe date and he would be the same funny guy who makes you laugh every time.

1. Keep a check on his on-line activities

Yes, you read it right. Go to the person’s profile on social media and it will give you a lot of information about him, you can check in his photographs that he is the same person who has been texting you or if the privacy settings allow, you can also check his recent posts and updates to understand his point of view about things.

2. Always inform a friend before going out

Safety comes first. No matter for how sweet he is online, you never know someone’s hidden intentions so it is always a good idea to inform a few of your friends before heading out for a date.

3. Choose a public place

When you are going on your first date, it is the best advice, you choose a public place that you have been to before. Rather than going to his place, his friend’s apartment or any far-away coffee shops that you have never heard about.

4. Don’t overdo of things

It is your first date, don’t be overzealous. Be calm and composed and try to figure out him. Don’t use your phone too much while talking to him and never ever announce it on social media 0that you are going on a date.

5. Have an escape plan on mind

You never know the negative outcomes of online dating, it takes few seconds to turn your funny and sweet guy into a creep. So, if he shows any such signs either make an excuse that sounds real or have a friend on standby who can come to pick you up if the situation demands.