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Rakesh Singh

Delhi Press | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

What are tips to protect yourself during a thunderstorm?


Manager at Amazon | Posted on

1. Use a mask

First and foremost use a mask to cover your face and a pair of goggles to protect your eyes, they should be on the top of your list.

2. Maintain a distance from windows

If you are outside and get caught in the storm then take a shelter inside a concrete building but for indoors, you must stay away from windows and avoid touching any metal or electrical objects.

3. Stay inside your car during lightning

When the lightning strikes, stay inside your car and try to park the car at a spot where flying objects do not come at you. You must also ensure that all windows and doors are locked.

4. Don’t let dry your mask

Simply using a mask is unlikely to protect your system from illness. Hence, you must moisten your mask using a little water from time to time.

5. Use petroleum jelly

Apply petroleum jelly to the insides of your nostrils which will stop your mucous membranes from going dry.