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Dharm Dass

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What are tips to remain fit at work?


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Sitting all day long in your chair is one of the worst outcomes of modern lifestyle. Work stress and working till late, including odd hours gives invitation to a risky future with regards to health. Here are small changes you add in your daily life without exercising.

Cut Down on Junk Foods

Keep a check on what you're eating. Avoid junk food as much as you can and never skip your breakfast that leads you to overeat during lunch time.

Increase Meals Intake

Don't binge on food in one go and instead of that eat small portions of meals and healthy snacks like ragi chips, nuts, fruits, popcorn, healthy oat biscuits, at regular intervals.

Drink lots of Water

70% of human body is made up of water and it is very common that a lot of people don't drink right amount of water. Drink at least 6-7 glasses of water daily or keep a bottle of water near to you.


Do not take short cuts, rather than taking elevators take the stairs as much as possible. Walk during your lunch break. If you take your vehicle to work, park it slightly away from your office so you have to walk, regardless.

Take Small Breaks

No need to sit all day in your chair. Take small breaks in order to rest your eyes, go for a stretch, take a walk and so on.



Blogger | Posted on

YOU needn't bother with much time to remain sound and fit.

All you need is a deep longing + right data, methodologies and powerful propensities.

At long last, its about needs and not time.

When getting by undesirable to a solid life, its simple to get over-whelmed.

I mean simply considering losing 20kg de-rouses individuals.

They surrender even before they start!

Which carries me to the most significant point and tip:

Simply begin

Begin fabricating certain propensities that extra time will compound and give you extraordinary outcomes.

At long last, inspiration is kind of trash. You simply don't have it when you need it.

Envision when the prior night you plan that regardless of what I will hit the exercise center the following morning before work.

What occurs in the first part of the day.. we as a whole know!

You get up somewhat late. You take a gander at your telephone and your supervisor needs a report on that business chart you send to him scarcely any days back.

You begin to feel the weight. You need to arrive at ahead of schedule to the workplace with the goal that you can get ready for your chief.

Shouldn't something be said about the rec center, well perhaps tomorrow.

So whats the exit plan?

Start little.

Rather than focusing on joining an exercise center, why not simply guarantee yourself 20 pushups and 5 surya namaskar before leaving for office?

You consume around 75 calories with this daily schedule.

When you assemble this daily practice for a week or something like that, why not increment this 5 min custom into 10 min.

What about doing this home exercise:

Develop this one.

Possibly this expanded action invigorates your mind and you begin to feel good.

This super charges you and you choose starting now and into the foreseeable future you will have some green tea the second you arrive at your office rather than latte+donut that you used to have before.

Perhaps in the wake of perusing this answer and this post,

you conclude that you will enjoy a reprieve each 20 min to stroll around your office and might be do around 10 pushups before you plunk down for work.