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Priya Gupta

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What are ways to reuse used tea bags?


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Dipping a tea bag and throwing it away after a while is a very common thing that we do with them, little do we know that the used tea bags have enough potential to be reused in many productive ways. Below are 5 ways to reuse these small packets.

1. Feed your garden

Boil the used tea bags and use the brewed water for watering your plants. It will protect the plants from fungal infections and help them in grow.

2. Get rid of bad odor of shoes

Insert dry (used) tea bags into the shoe and get rid of smelly shoes. The tea bags soak up the bad odor.

3. Glass cleaner

Clean your glass window and doors, all you have to do is reboil your used tea bags and and use that water to clean the glass to get best results.

4. Make a Hair Conditioner

Add 2-4 used tea bags to 1 cup of boiled water and make a weak brewand pour on your hair after it has been shampooed. The brilliant shine will surely make the heads turn.

5. Perfect air freshener

Add few drops of your favoriteoil to used tea bags and hang them in your home, office or even car. They work like a perfect air fresher.



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Freeze a pre-owned tea sack, or two, and pop it out to put on eyelids. Rests. Get off this gadget! Close your eyeholes and apply solidified tea pack. Exclusively rest and keep the tea sacks on your eyes for ten minutes. There: perceive how sparkly your eyes look and feel?