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Posted 27 Mar, 2019 |

What are your favorite Chinese dishes?

lincy john

Gas Supplier | Posted 04 Aug, 2019

My Favorite Chinese foods are

Kung Pao Chicken

Spring Rolls

ramesh h

finance professional | Posted 27 Mar, 2019

List of My fav chinese food is a bit longer. But I love chicken crispy the most. Also love making chinese food at home.


@RockThe | Posted 27 Mar, 2019

I love Chinese food, the spiciness and the variety it has, is what I crave for almost every week.

Here are some dishes from Chinese cuisine that are my favorite.

Schezwan Noodles:

Sizzling, spicy hot noodles is a lip-smacking Chinese dish that makes its first place in my list of favorite Chinese food.

2. Veg Manchurian:

Next thing that makes its place in this answer has to be veg. manchurian, an authentic Chinese dish that I enjoy munching.

3. Chilli Paneer:

The list for my Chinese food love will go on and on, but to end it now, I would conclude it with Chilli paneer, because how can I even miss this?

Getting Authentic Chinese food nearby is a blessing for sure, especially when I want to curb my cravings.