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Sumil Yadav

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What are your views on Tata eVision sedan?


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Tata Motors has completed 20 years of participating in the Geneva Motor Show and the company has always introduced and launched its superb concept vehicles in this auto show. At the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, the company unveiled its eVision concept sedan.

This is Tata's third electric car after H5X and 45X cars. The company has designed these three cars on the all new 2.0 design that are equipped with latest features:

1. The new electric sedan concept is built on the new Omega architectural platform, which is more modular, scalable and flawless architectures, which improve the car's performance.

2. The entire dimension has been given on the entire humanity line which is equipped with brushed aluminum work.

3. To give this car a low face, the diamond shape DLO has been given from the eVision Concept to A to C pillar.

4. On the basis of slingshot in the new concept car, animated Tail Lights has been given which starts with Tata's logo and appears on the rest of the body.

5. Talking about the dimension, Tata eVision will be the same as the electric concept Jaguar XE and the Merce-Benz C-Class.

6. There are two digital interfaces hidden in the instrument panel of the car which are only exited when the user is using it.

7. Apart from these features, Tata eVision will be equipped with a number of connected technologies, including cloud computing, geo-spatial mapping and enhanced human-machine interfaces.