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Edward Noel

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What can Scratch a Diamond?


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The precious stone is the hardest mineral found on this planet with the hardness of 10.
It is multiple times harder than Corundum which is 9 on the Moh's Scale.

Being the hardest mineral, it additionally has the most thick atomical design of any mineral.
One of the dubious privileged insights of precious stones is that the hardness fluctuates with course.
In gemological terms, hardness implies protection from scratching. , not protection from chipping and a similar surface of a similar stone opposes distinctively relying upon the heading of assault.

This is the key idea that makes it even conceivable to cut precious stones coincidentally.

A jewel can scratch different diamonds however it must be cut or scratched independent from anyone else.

Individuals scratch them by hurling them into adornments boxes or placing them in sacks with different jewels which is hard as well.

By any stretch of the imagination, the mainstream adage comes in my psyche i.e,