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Bella Xavier

https://belledonna.co/ | Posted on | Entertainment

What can travelers and tourist can do for relaxation in India during free time?


Student | Posted on

There are many things to do at free time. 

1 Get a Spa Beauty Treatment --Who wants to pamper themselves during their holidays.

He/She should look into what professional spa beauty treatments have to offer. These treatments help release tiredness of every day. And it will infuse you with new life and energy for the future.

2 Learn Something New - He/She can learn new and fun activities that help to stimulate your mind and body as well as enhances the quality of your life. There are many interesting activities you can learn to include yoga, dancing, cooking, and painting.

3 Do Something You Love - The third way of getting the most from your free time is to do what you love most. There are many hobbies you can incorporate into your life that bring joy and satisfaction to your life. If you enjoy the company of others, get involved in group activities where you can meet people and make friends. If you like to be alone, seek those activities that you can do on your own to relax and have fun.

To make holiday lifetime memoriable you can explore holiday 



software developer | Posted on

Well there are so many things but its all depend on your mood and your interest.

first find which kind person you are,

   animal loving,          love spa and all            sports type person               love adventure

   love adventure        love greenery             makeup lover              photo shoot lover 

   love to see ancient culture         loves to holy places              water loving   

well i will suggest you , the activity you can do at your home , please dot repeat them outside/tourist place, they are useless there .Just change your whole look , had a good photo shoot, good spot to visit. 

well i love some adventure, water places, love to see the water , have a good food , n too see new destination , full of greenery, what else any one needed to get relax except this. 

And if all these things are not working then MEDITATION will work.


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