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What can we learn from Café Coffee Day founder VG Siddhartha’s death?


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There’s a lot that we can take from the books of VG Siddhartha, which turned to have a rather tragic end.

Away from why VG Siddhartha Café Coffee Day founder committed suicide and who’s responsible for that, the entire development also brings the opportunity to discuss the suicide rate among the entrepreneurs in specific, which isn't often discussed with the same vigor like we discuss the suicide among the students.

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VG Siddhartha is a high-profile name, recognized to redefine the industry and create a name that’s globally known. But there are so many names, less-known, with no legacy, who gave up under the pressure of entrepreneurship.

Today, being an entrepreneur is “cool”. Everybody wants to start and run a million-dollar company. Everyone wants to build the next Apple, SnapChat, and Facebook. We’re now living in a Startup bubble.

But what isn’t discussed is how 90 percent of these startups and entrepreneurs will eventually fail – and how they won’t be able to take on such public failures. So many of them would go in depression! So many of them would commit suicide because they wouldn’t be able to take the judgment of the society!

The passing away of VG Siddhartha Café Coffee Dayfounder is a perfect opportunity for each of us to understand the reality of running a business. We must understand the difference between what Instagram wants us to believe about entrepreneurship and what it actually is.

Entrepreneurship isn’t about the champagnes and the girls and the yachts and parties. In reality, it includes an ungodly amount of hard work, patience, risks and taking sh$t from everywhere. It’s difficult. So many people aren’t meant to take all these; they don’t have talent, leadership skills and, what VG Siddhartha Café actually lacked – the infrastructure and support.

Being a successful entrepreneur is exactly like trying to be a world-class athlete. Sadly, we lack the parameters to really know who’s made for the game. This is why everyone now is launching new companies, knowing less that they might not be made for that, and that they are better off being the 4th and 14th guy in an organization than being number #1 in their own company.

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Depression among entrepreneurs is another thing that needs to be discussed.

There are many renowned entrepreneurs who, even with all the success, succumbed under the pressure and committed suicide.

• Vineet Whig, COO of Encyclopaedia Britannica
• Angad Paul, son of billionaire Swraj Paul
• Lucky Gupta Kumar, a techie, and founder of a startup.
These are some renowned entrepreneurs who ended their lives.

Again, in the lack of data, I am sure that literally thousandsand thousands of such stories exist – unnamed and unrecognized, forgotten.

So, as sad the death of VG Siddhartha Café Coffee Dayfounder is, the business world must courage-up to speak the reality of entrepreneurship. The millennials, in particular, must understand the reality before planning to start a company just because it’s cool and everyone is doing it.

VG Siddhartha rests in peace now with his legacy here to inspire and learn from.