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Jessy Chandra

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What can you do when your loved one takes you for granted?


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It is one of the most horrible feelings when somebody takes you for granted. It doesn't matter whether it's your friend, colleague, or loved one, when people take you for granted, it eventually makes you upset. Below are ways how to deal with this situation.

1. Don't make yourself available all the time

You were taught to make time for others who are in the need of help. But it is the universal law, the more time you make for others, the more they start taking for granted.

2. Make a habit to say no

You have a very hard time say no to people around you? Change this habit of yours and say no when you can’t make commitments. You may think that you are getting rude but your inability to say no will only make others take your sacrifices for granted.

3. Don’t be too sweet

Stop pleasing people around but that doesn’t mean to be rude to others. But in reality, you may be too sweet in a real world that makes others to take you for granted.

4. Don’t seek approval

Don’t seek people’s approval to do anything at all, be it to go out with your friends or do something for the first time. Take your own decisions.

5. Know your worth

Last, but not the least, always know your worth. Usually, the people who take you for granted are the ones who know that they matter a lot to you but never compromise on your self-worth.

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You are taken for granted! This is not just a sentence but a hard feeling too. This is a feeling that gradually makes a home in your heart. Who makes us feel that we are taken for granted? Well, there is no specific answer. But remember we get hurt from those whom we love endlessly.

Find out if any miscommunications are happening or not? Maybe you have suppressed all your wishes and needs to make that loved one happy. Maybe you have hurt the feelings of that special person in absence of your knowledge. So you require to identify all these by a face-to-face discussion with that loved one. Yes, go for a talk. So your first task is to find out why you are being taken for granted.

Now recollect together those sweet memories when both of you used to appreciate each other.

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Do not miss any chance to appreciate your special person now as well. Then notice you will get the same in return at some point in time.

Next do never ignore your hopes, wishes, or desires. Share them as well. This will help your loved one know your value in his/her life.

Try to make him/her realize that both of you deserve respect and time from each other for the survival of a long-term relationship.

These are the possible ways you can avoid being taken for granted. If all these factors work, it is fair and good. Otherwise, it is better to quit the relationship and live with respect and own principles.


translator | Posted on

Relationships over a period of time lacks communication and then we take that person for granted. that's a tacit understanding between the 2 person involved may be due to trust.these kind of taken for granted can be in any relationships be it with your spouse,parents ,children or friends.u expect certain behavior from the opposite person .realization sets in when you are surprised or betrayed by the other persons behavior which was not what we expected.


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Thank you for such a constructive answer :)