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Brij Gupta

Optician | Posted on | Education

What causes the feeling of irritation towards studies in children?


Content Writer | Posted on

All parents are perturbed today because of the increasing level of study and competition. Because of this, parents think it is right to pressurize their children, scold them, and accuse them for their bad performance in academics. To some degree, it’s legitimate too. Parents do all this out of their care and concern for the future of their kids.

Care and concern are the duties of every parent and rightly so. But sometimes this takes an extreme form where parents start neglecting the feelings of their children. What they need to do is understand and see from the point of view of their children who are facing all the pressures of studies and competition directly.

Parents, in the race of making their child number 1 in every field, don’t leave any page upturned, providing him all the facilities possible. After putting all the resources and efforts, if children don’t give a satisfactory output, it annoys the parents and they think that scolding and even beating their child is a legitimate way to increase his productivity. This obviously becomes the reason of children’s irritation towards both –studies, and their parents.

If a child is irritated towards his studies, it points towards the following things:

• Children start feeling lonely.
• They prefer distance from the parents, and starts cherishing his lonliness.
• Even a pety scolding can hurt children in such cases. They become more sensitive towards strict behaviour.
• Children stop showing interest in food. They can even stop taking regular diets.
• Children start hating school. This may lead to class bunks and other bad habits.
• They start fearing their parents and are afraid of sharing anything with them.

(Translated from Hindi by Meetali)