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Komal Verma

Media specialist | Posted | Health-beauty

What could be the possible risks of colouring your hair ?


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Covering up greys often leads us to hair dyes. Hair color industry has garnered more clients lately than any other time in history. Orange, green, purple, blue, blonde and every other colour available in the market and people like to experiment with their hair. While covering your greys or being fashionable is not a bad thing, the problem is dying your hair can affect your health.

1. Carcinogenic in Nature 

As per the numerous studies, hair dyes can cause cancer because they contain chemicals which can ***** into your skin through your hair.

2. Allergic Reactions 

Hair dyes commonly contain paraphenylenediamine, which is responsible for common skin allergies like rashes and severe itching.

3. Breathing Problems

Hair dyes contain persulfates, it can lead to breathing issues even in those who are not suffering from asthma.

4. Eye Infection 

Hair colour packs state that '‘keep away from any eye contact’' warning because if hair dyes enter your eye by chance, they can cause inflammation, pink eyes, watery eyes or even conjunctivitis.

5. Skin Discoloration 

Some people have reported to skin discoloration due to hair colors. Your skin is made up of keratinized protein. If this protein comes in contact with hair dyes, it can discolour the skin due to the chemicals present in the dyes.



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