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Ram kumar

Technical executive - Intarvo technologies | Posted on | Health-beauty

What diet one should go for in summer to stay away from diseases?


Working with holistic nutrition.. | Posted on

Summer is the season which is not much enjoyed by most, unlike winters. Summer brings with itself lots of lethargic days, heat and humidity. No one wants to step out in the this heat.  These U.V radiations not only are poor for skin but for health conditions.

So , It is very much important to have good diet with exercise to maintain the discipline of life.

Diet plan goes as:

● Water :

water or any kind of healthy energy drink is crucial for best health conditions. Rather than switching to cold drinks one should opt for water and energy drinks to quench the thirst. It avoids dehydration as well.

●  Fruits and vegetables :

Fresh juicy fruits and vegetables as salad are must for diet of summer. They  intake of fruits and veggies without sugar and less sodium intake is required.

● No to fried food:

fried oily food lead to high humidity level in body. Also, oily food intake in summer is not good. It not only increases body wait but leads to many diseases.

●     Hit on to lemon juice and coconut water :

Lemon juice and coconut water is best in summer. Intake of these makes you away from almost every disease